HaTorah – התורה

The “Torah” is the first five books of the Bible. Many people call it the “Law”, but the word Torah/תורה is better understood as ‘instruction’, as it is an archery term for ‘pointing at the target’, and so is sin/חתא , which means to ‘miss the target’. The Torah is the foundation of His Word, [Ephesians 2:19-21] and without it, one is simply guessing as to what righteous behavior really is, and what sin is, since The Torah shows us our sins, “for by means of the Torah, sin is known.” [Romans 3:20]

B’reshit [Genesis]בראשית
Shemot [Exodus]שמות
VaYikra [Leviticus]ויקרא
BaMidbar [Numbers]במדבר
D’varim [Deuteronomy]דברים