Judas Followed Yeshua Too!

But in the end, his will was NOT in line with Abba’s will.  He desired an earthly kingdom.  One he could ‘see’ with his eyeballs.

All this week I have been thinking, praying, and meditating on the vast numbers of ‘denominations’ of faith.  This is not limited to the number of denominations in Judaism only, which are many, nor only to those of xtianity, which are many more than that of Judaism, but considering all of them together.  Never mind all the many streams of paganism, humanism, and all the other philosophies of man.  But, concerning belief in the G-d of Avraham, Yitz’khak and Ya’akov, whether that belief includes Yeshua the Messiah or not, there are SO MANY approaches to faith.  It is no wonder so many people have written off faith altogether!  Or turned to paganism and humanism.  They see so many people who claim to have ‘authority’ to teach people about G-d, its overwhelming, and they conclude that no one really knows, and they take their chances by living a life absent of faith, hoping to blame G-d and/or people, should judgment day actually come.

Judgement Day will come!  And what will we do, when we stand in front of Him and tell Him ‘why’ we did what we did?  Or did not do what we did not do?  On whose auspices will we stand, and to whom will we point when we answer for every deed done, and every word spoken, and every thought thunk?

Do we even really think about that day?

I do!  I speak a lot, write a lot, and encourage and exhort people to check their faith.  And my deepest desire is simply to help others make certain that what they do in regard to the practice of their belief is actually according to His Word.  That is all.  And I know that anyone who presumes to teach on His behalf will be held to a higher level of accountability for what they taught, than someone who is only a recipient of that teaching.  So, I am constantly devouring His Word and checking what I do and what I teach others they should do against His Word, to make sure that what we do is consistent with what He told us to do [and not do].  It is indeed a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living Elohim [ and it is the Brit Khadashah scriptures [NT] that say that! ].

As I started thinking on the many, many streams of thought, I also started seeing others post things this week that prove that very idea, and that wrest authority away from the Word of G-d and give it to different groups of men, Jews AND Xtians.  And when I post something that tries to guide people back to His Word, and the PLAIN MEANING of it, someone, usually with the best of intentions and the notion that they speak on behalf of G-d Himself, tries to advise me or counsel me as to my error.  Usually, that is done with a measure of venom, having taken offense to some small word I wrote/said.  Some people who believe in the Messiah, for instance, take offense to the fact that I write xtianity versus the full, usual spelling of that moniker.  Without asking “why” I would do that, they simply charge into an attack, taking it as an offense that I would not write out the customary word for Messiah and/or His followers.  Why get offended?  Because they think I am insulting them personally, or insulting true believers in Messiah who still go by that moniker.  And there are some who do.  I realize fully that it may be off-putting for some.  But, what most people in America do not realize is that to most of the world, xtianity is Catholicism.  While I do not condemn all catholics, as many of them would condemn me, I cannot support the notion that G-d is a trinity IN ANY WAY, and that the ‘church’ has authority to MOVE HIS SABBATH, which are foundations of that faith.  The Creator Himself said, “ יהוה  IS OUR ELOHIM, יהוה  IS ONE.”  And His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, said that the greatest command was the same, “ יהוה   IS OUR ELOHIM, יהוה  IS ONE.”  And the Father kept the Sabbath, resting on the Seventh Day, and the Son kept the Sabbath, assembling in the Jewish Synagogue EVERY WEEK.  Trinity means THREE.  The constantian/catholic takeover of Messianic Faith purged ALL Jewish doctrine and custom from its NEW religion, and BEGAN to call god a ‘trinity’.  He is NOT ‘three in one.’  He is ONE, who MANIFESTS in His Son by His Ru’akh… so simple.   But, instead of asking ‘why’, many believers get offended.  I am NOT against Messiah, nor against Christians who call themselves still by that name.  I am against foul doctrine that opposes the very BASICS of scripture, wresting authority from G-d and giving it to men.  No one should be offended by that.  “GREAT SHALOM have they who love Your Torah, for nothing shall offend them.”

I am absolutely NOTHING, and not worthy at all to be called a son of G-d….  But, He has washed me, and saved me, and given me of His Ru’akh, which has taught me that His Word is to be followed above EVERY MAN.  I believe His Word and His Ru’akh [Breath/Spirit] ALWAYS agree.  And that His Torah is the foundation of ALL His Word.  Just because a person uses His Name, be it “God”, “Jevohah” , “ יהוה” , “Yeshua”, “Jesus”, “Messiah,” “Christ,” “Christian”, or any other appellation referring to our Manifest Creator and/or His Son, that does NOT mean that I am to bow to them and give obeisance.  And for me, that is especially true if they kill anyone in order to get others to follow them, which is what Catholicism/Christianity has done for centuries.  Protestants think they are exempt from that accusation, but refuse to admit that their ‘founders’, namely Calvin, Luther, et al, were as much murderers of the innocent as were the popes.  ANY doctrine that has to be enforced with MURDER is NOT Messiah!  His doctrine is enforced with SELF sacrifice.  Yeshua said it, “It is not everyone who merely says to me, ‘My Adon, my Adon,’  [My Lord, My Lord] who will enter into Malkhut HaShamayim [The Kingdom of Heaven], but he who does the will of Avi [My Father]….”  So, in regard to the moniker ‘xtian’, the word was a pejorative given to greek believers by unbelievers as an insult.  But, it has been transformed into a badge of honor [which was originally a good idea, given by Kefa/Peter for those who suffered being insulted as a ‘kristianay’ in Antioch] for those who support the constantinian, greek perversion of the faith.  And it WAS a perversion!  For me, also, I disagree with greek primacy in regard to origins of Brit Khadashah texts.  Others disagree, thinking myself and others are mere renegades.  But, I prefer to call Him “Messiah,” and myself “Messianic”, an emulator of Messiah.  Messiah is untouched by greek, coming straight into English from Hebrew.

Disagree if you will, but don’t presume to instruct me/advise me on what to do, say, write, in regard to conveying the message that I am compelled by His Word to give, which is “Come OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE.  Who is “She?”  The Great Harlot.  She is the mixture of some of the truth of Messiah with the religious practices of this world.  I have ZERO DOUBT that The Creator is calling TRUE BELIEVERS OUT of “her,” and calling them BACK to the ROOT, Yeshua, the JEWISH Messiah, who kept the Sabbath and deferred ALL GLORY to His Father.  “She” has practically forgotten the Father, or claims to be His ‘queen,’, telling Him what to do, much like Izavel bossed Akhav [Ahab] around.  [Interestingly, “Akhav” means ‘brother is Father.’  Coincidence?  I think not].  “If someone takes offense to the notion that true believers must leave behind manmade xtianity, I trust that Abba will continue to speak TRUTH to them in regard to the error they follow.  That is not condemnation; that is declaration.  A message I am compelled to declare, in spite of being so ‘singular’ in the effort.  And while the number of those offended who do eventually turn anyway is small, it has indeed happened.  In fact, some of those who are offended by me the most and lashed out the worst have been the FIRST to examine themselves and see their own error, and TURN.  The TRUTH is indeed offensive against manmade doctrine.  Always has been, and always will be.  Yeshua told His followers to EXPECT people to lash out.  “Come OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE  has been the call given to me, a message for His congregation in these last days.  We are in the last of the last of the last days.  There is NO TIME to equivocate and coddle people, and tickle their itching ears.

So, whom do we follow?  Given that there are SO MANY who presume to teach.  They have crowns on their heads, robes, degrees on the wall, lofty words, Socratic logic, hermeneutics, homiletics, religious pedigree, miracles, high hair, silk suits, jet planes, palaces, mansions, limousines, bank accounts, mammoth sanctuaries, pearly teeth, beautiful smiles, benevolent deeds, success…. Are these the things we are to look for? NO!  “Each tree is known by its FRUIT.”  And we FOLLOW MESSIAH!  I do not, nor have I ever, wanted “followers”… but only BROTHERS who will decide to walk WITH me/us.  NOT ‘behind’ me.  Not in ‘my’ line.  But BESIDE me, to correct me, and help me see Messiah Yeshua and His Way more clearly.  And this what I desire to do for my brothers.

As I said at the start.  Judas followed Messiah.  Many in the Brit Khadashah ‘followed’ Messiah who were yet rejected by Kefa, Sha’ul, Ya’akov and Yokhanan, and all the Shlikhim.  They all warned all of us of ‘false christians,’ false teachers, false prophets.  Yeshua warned about them.  Do not follow ANY man.  “Who is Kefa?  Who is Apollos?  Who is Sha’ul?”  NOBODY in regard to our Salvation.  And their teaching deserved SCRUTINY against the Scriptures, as the Bereans gave it.  NO ONE deserves any less than that, especially today.

So, what to do? Come along side someone who admits he himself is still learning, and learn WITH them.  “Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  Most ‘teachers’ today are themselves unteachable.  They think that they have made it, and are in need of nothing.

The time is indeed SHORT.  Shorter than ever.  The ‘signs’ Yeshua and His Followers gave us are RAMPANT upon us these days.  It is NOT good to be caught up in bad doctrine.  It is not good to be content with the status quo, to stay with pack, to follow a multitude into error.  To commit harlotry with/as the great harlot AND her daughters.  Abba and His Son Messiah Yeshua indeed CRY OUT, “COME OUT OF HER…”   “Enter in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the road which leads to Abadon, and many are those who travel on it.  O how narrow is the gate, and how difficult is the road which leads to life, and few are those who are found on it.”  I LOVE His people!  I desire to walk WITH EVERYONE who follows Yeshua!  But, NOT if that means returning to error!  I will go it alone first.   If I am alone in His footsteps, I am content.


Published by danielperek

See my about page! I'm a Messianic Jewish writer, and teacher of the Torah as Messiah Yeshua taught it. I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. A musician, singer, and composer. Most importantly, a servant of the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua HaNatzri!

4 thoughts on “Judas Followed Yeshua Too!

  1. Yes, a King is coming. He was the suffering Joseph when He was here 2,000 years ago, but when He arrives soon, He’s coming as a conquering KING, reclaiming what’s His and He will NOT be fooling around, not some sap who has to forgive anybody anything. I think particularly in the modern Western anything-goes world, there’s not much of a perception of what it means to be in the presence of King, particularly one of THIS magnitude, but it won’t be long before everyone will be flat on their face–either in sheer terror or in glorious adoration. Shabbat Shalom!


  2. Well said and strong – unwavering, immovable and true! We only bow down to ONE – our Master – the Way, theTruth & the Life – and blessed be all who completely trust and obey Him: יהוה Yeshua HaMashiakh, haNatzri,- haBen Elohim!


  3. So many false teachers, so many heresies, false doctrines, and false prophets today! And yes what is one to think when they look at these as well as the multitude of concoctions of philosophies and humanism out there? And it’s true Daniel, the pope and early Catholics we’re not the only ones to murder in the name of God, the Protestants did it to? And both of them persecuted Jews.

    We are to come out of her, and follow the Written Word and Living Word Yeshua. He kept the Sabbath and followed the Commandments. Why shouldn’t we?

    Thank you for boldly stating and articulating what we believe and strive to follow as we grow in Yeshua, love and build each other in the faith, and give the reason for the hope we have to a Dying World in these very Last Days.

    Perhaps a few will listen, really search the scriptures, stop arguing in defending their fears, and pride. And perhaps God Almighty will deliver them and open their eyes and hearts to his Son Yeshua, His Love, the Way He Walked and taught us to walk in following Him.


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