FB Merger w Yokhanan

Yesterday, I finished reading Yokhanan again, my favorite account of the B’sorah.  I got excited about some things that are in ‘plain sight’, and posted them on fb.  I’ve commented on some of these in former posts, but these are just fresh nuggets of observation.  Here are the three posts in one here on my blog:


4:35 AM

Continued in Yokhanan:
“Now since it was almost Erev Shabbat, the Y’hudim said, “Let not these bodies remain on their execution stakes, because HaShabbat is beginning,” but this Yom Shabbat was a HIGH DAY.”
People rightly conclude that the Biblical Shabbat starts on Friday Evening [Erev Shabbat], but WRONGLY think that He was executed on a fri evening. This ‘Sabbath day’ was a HIGH DAY…meaning, it was NOT the regular, weekly Shabbat, but a ‘sabbath’ created by the Pharisees, the 15th of Nisan; Yeshua’s High Sabbath had begun the night before, when He kept THE Pesakh Seder at its proper, Torah-given time. This was actually a WEDNESDAY night, when He was hung on the tree….

4:46 AM

Since I just read about His execution again this morning, I thought I’d repost this.  ‘Watching’ Him die again this morning, my heart is invigorated.
I ‘see’ it so much more clearly, every time I read it, how He took MY place, OUR place. There is SO MUCH in Yokhanan 19….
Today, I think about His PAIN.
And the fact that the ‘new birth’ into His Kingdom began the moment He died, when His dead body was pierced, causing blood and water to flow…
We are still being ‘born’ into LIFE because of that moment.
HOW it was done has been twisted, for theo-political reasons. The ‘vision’ of it is thwarted.
Consider: https://danielperek.com/2019/04/17/men-orah-you-wrong/

5:35 AM

Okay, I thought I was done, BUT, I finished reading Yokhanan, and realized THIS for the FIRST TIME, and got EXCITED: in ch 21:
Yeshua addressed Shimon Kefa, saying “Shimon Ben Yonah”…

Shimon is his given name, the one his parents gave him. Yeshua usually called him Kefa, or “Shimon Kefa”. The name ‘Shimon Kefa’ literally means, “Hear with acceptance [Shimon], ROCK”.

So here, Yeshua is saying to Kefa by saying His whole legal, earthly, given name, “Shimon Ben Yonah”, “Hear with acceptance a Son, A Dove,” THREE TIMES.

Yonah means ‘dove’; the Ru’akh had descended on Yeshua in the shape of a Yonah.

The word ‘ben’ is ‘Son’, which comes from the root word ‘banah,’ ‘to build’. A man builds a house through his son. The two letters in ‘ben’ are ‘bet’ and ‘nun’; a letter ‘bet’ is a symbol of a house,’ and a ‘nun’ is a symbol of a seed. A son is the seed of a house, and a son ‘builds’ up the house of his father.

Yeshua addressed Shimon Ben Yonah that way three times, saying, “Tend to my lambs; Tend to my sheep; Tend to my ewes.” Tend to/care for the WHOLE FLOCK.

Each time the first word of the great command, “Hear, O Yisra’el,” [Shema], was echoed in Shimon’s name: “Hear and accept”.

Yeshua wanted him to HEAR…

Shimon, who is usually called a ‘rock,’ [kefa], is called by His LEGAL name, earthly name, which beckons him to hear the Son and the Ru’akh, to tend to His WHOLE FLOCK.

I have to get to my other writing, but I just had to share…


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