I’m a lot!

That should have been “Lot”.

Judgey people will run with that!  But, the scriptures call Lot a Tzadik.  A Tzadik is a “Just One”.  “Just” in the sense of ‘having been justified’.  The Messiah was prophesied to be “HaTzadik”, “THE Just One,” and His ‘justification’ was given after He bore all OUR sins on the tree.  Lot, on the other hand, was not ‘justified’ by his works; he was not considered a Tzadik because of his acts of tzedaka.  He was considered a Tzadik through emunah: believing trust in  יהוה .  G-d is consistent and fair; he ‘justified’ Avraham because of TRUST.  The same is true of everyone whom we find in the roll of Heaven.

I have learned that my ‘justification’ is ONLY because of ONE THING: I believe and confess that Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of G-d, is risen from the dead, and that He bore the punishment for my sins.  I declare it!  I would shout it every day!  I crave to share it with others, that they may know this great wonder: G-d loves us BEFORE we love Him!  Even in our sin.  He loves us when others do not!  He knows us better than we know ourselves, and certainly better than judgey people know us.  In that sense, I am a Lot!  Because most people know Lot’s faults, but do not ‘know’ that He is a Tzadik!

“… and [He, G-d,] delivered Lot HaTzadik, mortified by the filthy conduct of those without Torah; 8for while that Tzadik dwelt among them, in seeing and hearing their deeds against Torah, his righteous soul was vexed from day to day…” [Kefa Bet/2 Peter 2]

I have been made right before G-d by trust in His Son Yeshua.  I strive to live a life worthy of being called ‘a just [ified] one’, but the world, the flesh, and the adversary make that all the more difficult every day.  Just like Lot, I have my imperfections and failures.  But, G-d saved him!  And he is counted in the Roll of Faith in Ivrim [Hebrews] chapter 11, as part of a great ‘cloud’ of witnesses of our faith!  There are only three men in the scriptures who do not have blemishes on their record: No’akh, Dani’el, and Iyov [Noah, Daniel, and Job].  EVERY OTHER ‘GREAT MAN’ of scripture has a blemish on his record: Avraham committed adultery, Yitz’khak deceived; Ya’akov deceived [and more], Moshe murdered a man, David had a man killed and committed adultery….but of these three men, there were no such acts to record in the record of their lives.  Were they ‘perfect’ like Messiah?  NO!  But, even though they lived clean lives, they could not save a soul on their own!

3“Ben Adam, when a land sins against Me by trespassing grievously, and I stretch out My hand upon it, and break the staff of the bread thereof, and send famine upon it, and cut off from it man and beast; 14though these three men, No’akh, Dani’el, and Iyov were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, says Adonai  יהוה . If15 I cause evil beasts to pass through the land, and they bereave it, and it becomes desolate, so that no man may pass through because of the beasts; 16though these three men were in it, as I live, says Adonai  יהוה , they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters; they only shall be delivered, but the land shall be desolate. 17Or if I bring a sword upon that land, and say, ‘Let the sword go through the land, so that I cut off from it man and beast; 18though these three men were in it, as I live, says Adonai  יהוה , they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters, but they only shall be delivered themselves. 19Or if I send a pestilence into that land, and pour out My fury upon it in blood, to cut off from it man and beast; 20though No’akh, Dani’el, and Iyov, were in it, as I live, says Adonai  יהוה , they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.” [Yekhezkel/Ezekiel 14]

Faith, trust in the message of Messiah, is the ONLY thing that sets one right before G-d, that expunges the record of sin.  And, after having that done, like Lot, we yet remain in this dark and fallen world.  And ever more, every day, there is vexation because of what is going on around us.  And this year everyone should have 20/20 vision as to what is going on, but so many are utterly blind.

I lost some of my best friends back in 2007/08 because I insisted that BKO was a deceitful communist and would ruin the country.  He was not permitted to do so overtly and utterly destroy the US, but was able instead to work in subterfuge after the fact.  I insisted back in 2016 that HE was at the top of this ‘Russia’ accusation, this obviously rigged, false narrative.  Understand, I was never a big Trump fan, and still have some things about him that give me pause, but I also never just wrote him off.  But, when this whole collusion thing came out, it was OBVIOUS to me that BKO was the mastermind.  So, I am vexed that someone somewhere with some kind of authority did not PUSH an investigation.  ALL of congress equivocates over ‘justice’, using it only when it serves their narrative, their purpose.  No one today seems to have the will to hold the ‘elite’ accountable for their grievous offenses, offenses for which, if any ONE of us did HALF of what they did, we’d be under lock and key before the bread rises.

It vexes me that in this country, which was founded on scriptural principles by people who believed in The Creator, that most people, including most of those who SAY they believe in the Creator, yet deny the CREATION and the flood, and accept a very well orchestrated LIE, that we created ourselves.  It vexes me that we kill so many babies as a country, and no one cares.  We all sit and watch as millions of babies are SLAUGHTERED, on a daily basis they are murdered for the convenience of sex.  It vexes me that we ‘tolerate’ adultery, so much so that we do not recognize it at times when it is in plain sight. [self included]  We are ‘entertained’ by adulterers, and many look to these fools for moral guidance.  It vexes me that depravity is glamorized in society, and that we think baiting young children into depravity with video games and movies is ‘okay’.  It vexes me that we treat homosexuals as ‘man and wife,’ as if G-d no longer looks on that as an anomaly, as error, but somehow approves of it, even in His congregations.  It vexes me that the community of faith points ONLY to THAT sin as sin, and tolerates all other ‘abominations’, to include eating abominable foods and foods offered to other gods, even though the ‘New Testament’ tells us not to!  It vexes me that politicians of every ilk lie with such straight faces.  It vexes me that major media outlets lie every single day, blatantly pushing an agenda rather that simply reporting ‘new facts’, serving themselves and their wicked desires rather than serving the people information that is true.  It vexes me that social media outlets censor our free speech EVERY SINGLE DAY, thinking THEY are the arbiters of truth and of the American forum, and that only THEY know what information is best for us to consume, and we just sit back and allow them to run our minds and hearts with contentment.  Our politicians, our ‘representatives’, have been put on notice about it, and have done NOTHING.  It vexes me that the believing community denies the simple truth of His Sabbath, and His Holy Days, in spite of the very COMMON knowledge that His Sabbath, [not the ‘jewish sabbath’] is the SEVENTH day of the week, and NOT the first, and that scriptural gymnastics have to be used to justify worshipping Him on the venerable day of the sun, with the pagans.  But, what vexes me most right now is that so many people are so willing to just sit by and watch the country implode due to a cold.  We are allowing doctors and tech-nerds to scare us into just watching our country fall before our eyes.  We are allowing the media largely to cover up the fact that the last president committed TREASON against us.  Politicians are soft-shoeing around that, and seem absolutely spineless, whereas our forefathers would have already hanged him for treason.  The media is barely reporting anything about the most capital offense ever committed against the American people, while brainwashing society into thinking a virus barely more harsh than the flue, which we face every single year, is worthy of our fear such that we allow politicians to shut down our businesses and leisure sites/activities without even so much as a WTF?  ONE person, a WOMAN, has stood up and said ENOUGH.

So, I’m a Lot.  I am vexed.  I have a great level of comfort, especially since the grand deception of COVID came out, because I also know that TIME IS SHORT, and that so many people, ESPECIALLY believers, are going to get caught off guard.  I am vexed because even declaring His Name and Truth is seen as a joke, as laughable, and people today just don’t seem to want to hear any truth.  But, I rejoice, because my Master said to do so ‘when you see all these things,’ because I know that the resurrection is near, according to Him.

So, why don’t I get all ‘bent out of shape,’ start a protest, proclaim a call to arms, create a revolt?  Because I must be about my FATHER’s business.  I am a citizen of His Kingdom FIRST, and I care not about the affairs of man.  Mankind is blind and lost.  And especially now.  Yekhezkel said it best [above], and I add Avraham’s message to the rich man who neglected Elazar his whole life, and found himself in She’ol:

‘If they will not hear Moshe and the Nevi’im, even if a man rises from the dead, they will not believe in Him.’”

Today, people do not ‘hear’ Moshe, and so they cannot hear Messiah Yeshua Himself.  They think they ‘believe’, but they persist in ‘tolerating’ their own sins: believing in evolution and denying the creation, moving His holy days, all of them, approving of and participating in adultery, fornication, and perversion, lying and deceiving, and being deceived. etc etc.  Yeshua instructs us “Do NOT be deceived,” and yet so many have allowed themselves to be deceived, of SO MUCH these days.  That is what vexes me.  Yet, I still will declare that Yeshua is the Son of G-d, and requires that those who ‘say’ the trust in Him repent [turn] and no longer do those things.  Even though we know we will stumble, yet we turn, and strive, and live according to HIS WORD.  I will yet declare that HE IS COMING VERY SOON to take unto Himself a bride, and so few are ready.  That is my preoccupation: preparing myself, and any one else who truly has oil.  I am a Lot.  May I be counted worthy to escape, as was he.


Published by danielperek

See my about page! I'm a Messianic Jewish writer, and teacher of the Torah as Messiah Yeshua taught it. I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. A musician, singer, and composer. Most importantly, a servant of the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua HaNatzri!

One thought on “I’m a lot!

  1. Daniel, this is an excellent assessment of the state of our country today regarding the cover-ups, the treasonous behavior of the prior administration, the fake news, and the spineless congress to really do anything about it. And then there are the Covid cover-ups, false reporting and inflated numbers to force political and one world order agendas.

    We are Lots living in the Last of the Last Days. We need to watch, pray, warn, and witness And stay glued to God the Father and His Son as our Redemption draws Nigh.

    Thank you Daniel!


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