Get THE WORD out!

That has been my desire for years and years.

Right now, it looks ‘possible’ that The Time of the End, known as “Et Ketz”, could begin this fall. That is a seven year period of great horror for the earth.

Thirty years ago, I said a small prayer. I was about to get out of the Navy, and I was certain only that I was going back to East Texas, and would find a career. What that career was, I had an idea, but my plans didn’t go that way. However, I KNEW that I wanted to SERVE Him, my Master, Yeshua the Messiah. And that I needed a ‘helper, suitable for me’. THAT is what/whom Abba gave me first. I met my lovely wife, and we SERVED Him in song on the day we met.  We were a perfect match, and our voices blended to sort of ‘symbolize’ that. Each of us was forced to sing in front of a strange congregation by Patsy, the woman who arranged our meeting. I had to play an old piano when I sang, but I managed to pull it off.  My future bride, of course, was a melodious song-bird. I still remember her dress, the song she sung, and every detail of that day. But, I digress. My small prayer was this: “I will go ANYWHERE you send me! Just let me lead the last soul to you, where ever he may be.”

We have been ‘getting the Word out’ ever since, tirelessly. We have suffered in doing so, and fought many battles. Much like Sha’ul said, ‘but [we] have been troubled by everything, war without and fears within”.  Others simply do not understand how the enemy has come against us and our family, because they have never walked in our shoes, nor shared our burdens. In fact, many have assailed us ‘in His name’. BUT, ABBA has been VERY GRACIOUS to us! And has SUSTAINED us.  And has COMFORTED us. And lately His words from Romim 8 have been our balm, especially mine:

“For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor HaMalakhim [The Messengers], nor empires, nor armies, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else created, shall be able to separate me from the love of Elohim which is in Yeshua HaMashi’akh Adoneinu.” [Rom 8:38-39]

And, over the last few months, after the enemy’s latest, OBVIOUS effort to do us harm        [attacking my loved ones] and my immediate resolution to harm HIS kingdom in Messiah’s vengeance, there has been a paradigm shift. That very next day, Yeshua guided me into saving a soul from the terrors of hell. I was permitted to declare His Good News afresh, personally, and one on one. Since that day, others who already knew Messiah have come to me, asking for direction in how to get closer to Him and become more faithful to Him. And Our Master has given me His words, His guidance, and lives have been TRANSFORMED! Yeshua is genuinely ‘revealing’ Himself to people through our feeble flesh. HE is using our past trials to strengthen us, just as His Word says, and to be bread for others. Some of them have been in ministry for years; some have had great struggles in their lives which they have finally overcome, or are beginning to overcome. And some have ‘awakened’ to HIS WAYS for the first time, and the JOY and SHALOM in His Way, in spite of the fact of trusting in Him years before for their salvation. And for that, WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL, and declare that ALL KAVOD IS HIS! “Kol HaKavod Lo!

Most recently, in my quiet communion time with Messiah, I was reminded of two men who I knew who committed suicide. One I had not met, but knew him only on facebook. The other was a fellow ‘gym rat’, and a former Marine. The first, I ‘detected’ a break in his pattern [I have been pegged a ‘genius’ for pattern recognition. I hate it.], and I sent him a few messages, encouraging and inquiring. To no avail. He never responded. After about three weeks, I learned of his death, by suicide. Not too long after that, about a year, the other friend also went ‘silent’ on fb. I had not seen him in quite some time because he had changed gyms, but I had had the opportunity to minister to him about four years before, and did so; he rejected some of my counsel, sadly. I reached out a bit passively to him when his pattern changed.  It also was not enough, and I learned of his death after a few weeks.  He had PTSD. As I said, I thought of both of these men two days ago in my communion with Messiah. I told Him I would press harder if I ever got in that situation again, and trust the breaks in patterns when I see them.

There is someone rather new in my life, just a new acquaintance, and I learned a few weeks ago he has congestive heart failure. He is my age. He is a former soldier. I saw him yesterday, and he stopped me and initiated a conversation, and I could tell he ‘needed’ it, right away. He explained to me that he also had PTSD, and struggles hard at times. The “militant compassion” I have been praying for and encouraging in our congregation came up in me. The memory of those two men, and my supplication came to me. Messiah’s Word came to my mind. I told him, “Do not ever get alone and get down. CALL ME.”  And immediately requested his number and gave him mine. We talked a bit about his struggle, and he saw my “Magen David” around my neck. He asked me about it, and I was able to speak of Messiah to him, and share His compassion. He left with a new countenance, and I left knowing precisely how to pray for him.

This morning, I got a text from the one I call my ‘doppelgänger’, telling me that someone came to him as a result of our efforts together to “Get The Word Out” on Monday nights on instagram. He told me a friend of his has responded to The Word. He was already  a believer, but has awakened to His Word in its purity, and committed to ‘leveling up’, or committing to obedience. “Leveling up” is actually a phrase aptly related to “justification”.

As I write this morning, I am reminded of one of our daily prayers:

“We shall thank You and tell Your glory for our lives which are in Your hands, and for our souls that are entrusted to You, and for Your miracles that are with us every day, and for Your wonders and favors that happen all the time, evening and morning and noon.” 

Given that our time could be extremely short, I am SO GRATEFUL that at least a ‘trickle,’ a handful of souls are being TURNED, NOURISHED, RESTORED. In TRUTH. Should He tarry beyond the fall, and we be given more time, I hope you will join in our efforts to GET THE WORD OUT!

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