Do This, Don’t Do that… ??

Mankind, as a whole, can follow a multitude into sin. But, mankind is not aware of that phenomenon, for the most part. The first example the scriptures give is probably Genesis/B’reshit 6, where G-d explains that “every imagination of the thoughts of his [mankind’s] heart was only evil continually”. But, probably a better first example of willfully walking together into evil, as Shemot/Exodus 23:2 explains, is when, at Bavel, Nimrod led the world into the sin of trying to become “gods”. Nimrod was a ‘hunter of the souls of men’, and led the world into building a tower that reached to the heavens. I don’t think we fully understand what they built, nor their motive. But it was enough that the Creator had to punish mankind as a whole again, a few short years after He had just destroyed the earth with a flood.

Man is just bent on getting it wrong, and does not guard himself against sin. Adam did not guard himself nor Khava, when she took the fruit, added to the Word of G-d things that He did NOT say, and was thereby duped, bewitched by the serpent into a debate about the plain Word of G-d and then fell to his wiles. Kayin was warned by G-d Himself that ‘sin’ was at the door, and that he must master it; but, he refused. He ended up killing his brother over jealousy. Everyone in the world, after that, decided that they could just sleep with anyone they wished, and be violent against each other. G-d destroyed all of them but eight souls with a deluge. Mankind begins to populate the earth again, and, gathered in the Mediterranean region, they decide to reach the skies, together, and they saw no wrong in it. And G-d scatters them, diversifies our language, creating the base for all the known languages today, and dividing mankind.

And then, Israel does it as a nation. At the base of the mountain, where they had TOGETHER seen the throne of G-d, and TOGETHER heard HIS VOICE, which TERRIFIED them, they decide TOGETHER to mix the worship of יהוה with that of Egypt, created a bull calf, called it יהוה , “LORD”, if you will, and they fell down and worshiped it, TOGETHER.

Again, ALL of Israel sins TOGETHER, by asking G-d for a king “LIKE THOSE OF THE OTHER NATIONS,” not wanting Elohim, יהוה , as their King.

And again, ALL of Israel sins together [many times through the age of the prophets, but for time’s sake, I go to the next big one:] by REJECTING the truth that Yeshua is the Son of G-d, and executing Him by inciting the nations against Him. They further reject Him as a people when His Talmidim begin to declare and demonstrate His Truth to them. So, G-d, as He promised, takes the blessing of Avraham to the world, SALVATION, through Yeshua’s declaration to the other nations.

But, mankind again proves his ability to sin en masse. Just like Nimrod, Constantine ‘captured’ the souls of men; namely, the 250 [ +/- ] bishops from among the 2,000 + bishops in the believing world. Because Constantine forbade the JEWISH, BELIEVING BISHOPS, heads of MANY of the various congregations around the world, to come to his ‘ecumenical’ council. A great number of the remainder also refused to go, knowing that the congregations NEEDED the JEWISH leadership. Constantine refused them, and 250 some-odd bishops, yes-men, saw their opportunity to ‘reach the heavens’. And they sinned together. They changed the Sabbath, abrogated the Torah, adopted the ‘day of the sun’ and ‘easter’ as the ‘holy days’, mixing the faith of the Creator with paganism. All of ‘christianity’ sinned TOGETHER.

This same phenomenon has occurred over and over throughout human history. The worst of which is that the ‘church’ killed people in order to enforce their doctrine, for centuries. Men find a charismatic figure to get behind, and they go off into sin together. They decide they know better than the Creator Himself.

Fast-forward to the mid-to-late 1800s, and it happens again en masse. Charles Darwin comes along, who clearly had a grudge against the Creator, and weaves a yarn based on a theory, and convinces the world that we were NOT created, but that we ‘evolved’. That it took millions of years for our earth to become what it is in its current configuration, and that the species took the same time and ‘gradually’ developed into what they are today. Never mind the Word of G-d. And what did all of Christianity do, eventually? Give in. Submit. Instead of studying the EVIDENCE, they listened to the rhetoric, and believed the new interpretation of the evidence. Eventually, a man named Scopes dared to teach it in public schools, and in 1925, Christianity lost the battle against this farcical “science”.

Not long after Darwin, and perhaps in some ways because of his theory, Communism developed into a popular political idea. And it took over in Russia, causing a civil war and an overthrow of both government and Christianity in that country, and many others.

A few short years later, Nikita Khrushchev, according to Ronald Reagan years after the fact, warned America of its demise. Reagan’s source is unknown, but he said this in one of his speeches: “Three months before his last visit to this country, Nikita Khrushchev said, ‘We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have Communism.’” 

Communism is diametrically opposed to belief in G-d. And it seems, looking at American 20th century history, that efforts have been made indeed to take G-d out of our public life. And for the last sixty years, democrats have been deceiving the people, posing as democrats, when in fact they are communists. And so few, until recently, have detected their plot. Saul Alinsky made their plan public, the Clintons and Obama followed it, and the new administration is attempting to lay the final blow.

After Scopes put evolution in our schools, uncontested with other scientific origin theories, Christianity in America capitulated to taking prayer and The Word of G-d out of our public education system altogether. In 1962, the country gave in, saying that our children could not be led in prayers at school in a community setting.

The next monumental sin that American Christianity fell into with the rest of the country was accepting that ‘abortion’, a euphemistic term for the murder of infants, should be legal, and that it is a violation of a mother’s rights to prevent her from committing murder against her unborn child. They debated the question as to the humanity of the infant based on location, in or out of the womb, but did not even consider the definition of ‘life’, nor the point of its origin. Both science and scripture tell us that life begins at conception. That is simple fact. But, according to their flimsy logic, basically, a baby is not a ‘person’, because the constitution doesn’t mention ‘pre-born’ persons. [Specifically the 14th amendment]. Neither does the constitution mention ‘children’ in general, but we know that those protections are granted to children as well. But, regardless, the Christian community, which at the time was, theoretically, upwards of 90% of the country, sat back and accepted this flimsy, reprehensible ‘law’, and the abrogation of LIFE itself. And we have watched 60,000,000 PEOPLE be murdered by their mothers, with the help of ‘doctors’, ever since. Without a tear, it seems. But so many moan and wail over dolphins, apes, and puppies who are hurt or killed by humans ‘for no reason’. And today, people object at eating a cow. It is preposterous. It is perversion.

Next, we have our Supreme Court capitulate to the notion that a man should marry a man, or a woman should marry a woman, that it is a ‘right’. It is a perversion of marriage. Homosexuality is a sin. That four word sentence does NOT engender hatred. But, outside the realm of religion, common sense, biology, and natural law tell us that marriage is between a male and a female. People are going to choose their sin, and live it, and there is nothing that the Congregations can or should do about it, except within themselves. But, to redefine marriage puts humanity on a slippery slope for all manner of perversion. Next, we will be normalizing pedophilia, and after that beastiality, and then it will never end. And the masses will just gleefully carry on, indifferent to the perversions plaguing our society.

All of these phenomena happen because people believe LIES, en masse. Instead of thinking, and allowing debate, and listening to the opinion of others, we jump on the bandwagon. Or, we are indifferent. We are conditioned to think that scientists, academia, and dare I say government, cannot be wrong. Surely not EVERYONE would believe a lie? Surely not all of us have been deceived?

We have since allowed our government and its hired scientists and other ‘experts’ to lie to us about many a thing: Clinton dared to redefine the word “is”. Clinton told us Benghazi was a ‘local skirmish’ over an American, racist video.

Last year, we were told that COVID originated in a ‘wet market’ because someone ate a bat. All the while, twenty-some-odd scientists from Harvard were being prosecuted for taking money from Wuhan. Then, we believed the lie that surgical masks would protect us. Then, we believed the lie that Hydroxychloroquine would not work. We believed the lie that Buy-din won an election, and that there was NO EVIDENCE of fraud, even though many have seen the evidence.

Today, there are many that believe Trump is working ‘behind the scenes’, and that there are those who are going to ‘restore’ this country. I cannot attest either way to the veracity of that claim. But, I do know that, even if that did happen, there is STILL a GREAT DECEPTION coming on this world. There will be no “thousand years of peace”, without there first being absolute chaos and heartache like the world has never seen, and without the appearance of another ‘hunter of men’s souls’, who will AGAIN deceive the masses. It seems to be man’s destiny to follow whims and fancies, and not HIS WORD.

These simple TRUTHS are the ones that ALL of us should ‘see’ and agree upon, but so few do:

GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth in SIX DAYS.

He RESTED on DAY SEVEN, and HE blessed that 24-hour slice of time FOR ETERNITY, at the VERY BEGINNING.

He gave SEVEN OTHER feasts to His Jewish People, but they are HIS feasts.

He chose the JEWISH PEOPLE to be the vessel of SALVATION for the WORLD.

Yeshua, HIS SON, was SENT into the world in order to save mankind from SIN. He is a JEW. He lived as a Torah-observant Jew. So did all His followers who are recorded in the NT scriptures.

EVERY HUMAN IS BORN with the proclivity, the natural inclination to SIN, to GO AGAINST HIS WORD.

Yeshua DIED, shedding His blood, as the atoning sacrifice to FREE us from our sins, but MEN choose to remain IN SIN, because they like it.

Yeshua arose bodily from the dead, and ascended into heaven, and is by the right hand of the CREATOR, HIS FATHER, in heaven, as a RESURRECTED HUMAN.

His Talmidim, [Torah students] are declaring SALVATION by TRUST in HIS BLOOD ALONE, and belief in HIS RESURRECTION, and teaching those who receive it to follow HIS WORD, all of it. [Matt 5:17-20]

Yeshua is coming back to PUNISH wicked men, who reject this simple truth, and who reject HIS WAY.

We are living in a time when LIES rule the day. Everyone, including those who think that today they are part of a ‘Great Awakening’, is blind to the simple truth of HIS KINGDOM, which will be upon all of us, sooner than we think. The world is about to be lulled in one way or another into a great sense of ‘safety’, and they will again go down the rabbit hole of a lie. Those of us who will not, will be even more ‘odd’ and rejected than we are now. So be it.

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