Send In The Clowns

What they’re really saying is ‘follow our scientists’. NOT ‘follow the ‘science‘.

The word ‘science’ is rooted in ‘knowledge’. Scientists are ‘supposed’ to be the finders and purveyors of knowledge. This knowledge is supposed to be based on observable, repeatable FACT.

This is NOT what you are getting concerning neither the vax nor the bug.

I have held a suspicion against certain “scientists” for years now, after studying the evidence myself and learning that evolution is a mere THEORY that is being forced down our throats as fact.

Evolution is NOT fact! It is not and cannot be proven. It is a religious interpretation of the evidence by people who have chosen not to believe the biblical narrative.

An atheist needed an origin theory in order to justify his disbelief in the Creation. He set out to find it. He found ‘evidence’ over which he imposed conclusions, and wrote a persuasive paper, and along with other ‘scientists’ convinced much of mankind that we were not specially created in six days by the God of the universe.

“Scientists” have been LYING to the public for the last 162 years! The science does NOT emphatically prove evolution, yet the whole world runs on that ‘theory’, calls it ‘fact’, and tries to destroy anyone who thinks otherwise by arrogantly dismissing them as ignorant.

These ‘scientists’ did the same things as other liars who have learned how to silence opposition: they get into a position of power and authority, gain a majority in one place, and start screaming that their narrative is the truth, over, and over, and over again. And most of mankind eventually capitulates. “Do not follow a multitude into error”. Our Creator knows the power of a lie, and the tendency of people to want to feel ‘safe’ with the majority, EVEN IF that majority will take them into destruction. And the sad truth is, the scriptures warned us that the majority of mankind would indeed behave like lemmings and walk down a broad, broad path to destruction. We are living it.

I ‘believe’ in dinosaurs. Not because everyone else does, but because I have actually seen the bones. But, I also believe that they coexisted with mankind. Why? Because the scriptures describe them doing so. Because they are not found very deep in the soil at all. I believe they died off after the flood.

The scriptures teach that the atmosphere for the first 1000 years was very different than what we live under. There was no rain. The earth was watered from a mist coming out of the ground, and was covered in a bubble of water above the sky. That bubble burst, because God burst it, and it fell to the earth, creating our very deep oceans, and modifying the surface of the earth, crushing everything in its extreme weight, and then settling into the soils and below the surface, burying millions upon millions of people and animals instantaneously. Those that survived repopulated the earth. Some of those species died off because of the change in atmosphere. There was not as much vegetation; before the flood every creature was an herbivore; afterward, we were instructed to eat meat, and God put enmity between man and beast, creating the survival instinct. That was about 5,000 years ago. I realize the clowns see that as simpleton, and preposterous. It is not near as ‘preposterous’ as believing everything we see was a cosmic accident of chaotic proportion that created all the order we see.

The flood is the reason the data is so misunderstood. Leading ‘evolutionists’ only deny the flood because they say it would have taken an outside force to start it. Yes. That force was the Creator. They basically will NOT look at the evidence from that perspective, because it means they would have to admit they could be wrong.

Peter warned us about this. He said that in our day mankind would deliberately forget the CREATION AND the FLOOD! And deny the master of all. Does it surprise you that we now sit here, ruled by fools who think they are smarter than God?

I have debated with high-minded people on this topic. One atheist and evolutionist I knew confronted me about it while sitting in a Muslim country, in a five-star hotel’s restaurant, surrounded by sheiks, and I told him in fact, no, he was not an atheist, because he is not a fool. Then, I gave him a detailed account of the creation and the flood, and then the gospel. I learned two years or so later that he had come to believe in God, and in His Son, Yeshua the Messiah. It is the fool that says in his heart that there is no God. The simple and emphatic declaration of truth with more passion than the clowns and their lies WILL change a heart.

FOOLS have been lying to you. FOOLS have been running our educational institutions and teaching your children. FOOLS have been controlling you and making you fear something that only has a less-than-one-percent chance of killing you! What does it mean when someone allows a fool to lead them?

Dress up the assertion in sophistry, and the clowns in manmade, self-appointed degrees and accolades, and anyone will believe them. I just watched the lead clown try to defend his May 11 lie before Congress, and his ONLY argument was, ‘many educated people up and down the chain have looked at this paper and said that this is not about….’ He could not and did not stand against the very plain assertion that he lied. He simply tap-danced by appealing to the ‘authorities’. And the many will believe him. Well, pardon me, but the authorities have gone round the bend, a LONG time ago.

This covid, manufactured virus, and the vaccine are indeed being used as a PSYOP. You are being conditioned to follow the crowd. To submit without question. In places around the country and around the globe, if you do not submit to the narrative, you are not allowed to travel, to work, to buy or sell. And people have been looking at the community of faith for many years now saying that we are crazy to think that one man could convince every human being to take a mark in order to buy and sell goods. Well, we are seeing that already a huge percentage of the population is willing to take an untested vaccine ‘in order to feel safe’, and to comply with just such regulation. This shot is most certainly aiding in preparing mankind for the upcoming great deception, which is already in the world.

And this is happening in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’. To me, we are sadly the land of the freeloaders and the home of the compliant. Too many people of faith are simply sitting idly by, hoping that this just passes. It is not going to pass. Mashi’akh HaSheker, the False/Lying Messiah will be ‘revealed’ to mankind soon, and all of what we are experiencing is showing us that indeed mankind will simply fall in line. The spirit of that lying Messiah has been in the world since antiquity, and mankind has always followed it, and not the Spirit of Messiah, with the exception of a few. The United States used to be that exception. But, believers are no longer believing in a code of righteousness, like our founders did, though they quibbled over ‘how’ to live it and had their differences. At least back then they KNEW there was a CREATOR who endowed mankind with his rights. The denial of the creator is the very reason our rights are so malleable and changeable; they see them as granted by ‘self’, the new god of America.

Until the country is broken over its sin of turning away from the Creator and from His Son and His Salvation by the blood of Messiah Yeshua, we are doomed. Until those who SAY they believe actually ACT like they believe in the God of the Bible, and seek out righteousness from His WHOLE Word, they will languish with the rest of mankind, and prove themselves false to Him. “Depart from me, you workers of iniquity; I never knew you!” Yeshua says that to BELIEVERS on judgment day!

I do not hope for America to turn around. I see no evidence of it. I see many people hoping in a rescue from man, but scant few who have turned away from their own sins in order to set things right. We kill babies wantonly. We promote sexual promiscuity in our entertainment and ignore it in the congregations; we promote sexual perversion in our entertainment, and protect it now with our laws, and punish anyone who says we should rethink this and help those perverted by this world and its demons. And so many, the majority of those who say they believe, say nothing and do nothing.

Not all scientists are bad; there are a few who try to show people a BETTER interpretation of the evidence. Creation cannot be scientifically proven, because it cannot be repeated and observed more than once. But, neither can evolution. But, among men, creation is a theory far more believable, and actually supported by the evidence. But, the creation interpretation has been silenced by the masses, by the clowns. And there are far too few with courage enough to speak up against the clowns, and fewer still willing to study a bit and learn why the creation model makes more sense. Among believers, we who say we ‘know’ Yeshua and His Father OUGHT to believe in the Creation without doubt, because His Word is the most PROVABLE substance in our lives! If it is not true, YOU ARE NOT SAVED FROM YOUR SIN.

The follow the clown mentality is the ‘evidence’ that we are indeed living in the last of the last days. “Come indeed, Master Yeshua”.

Here is one article that presents a proper interpretation of some evidence.

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