B’rukhim Ha’Ba’im!

A warm and hearty New Year welcome to Perekshirah Subscribers!

Welcome to the new site. We have been VERY BUSY, trying to get all the liturgy published, finishing translating the Brit Khadashah from Aramaic to Hebrew for our own Hebrew/English version of HaDavar, and now creating a WEBSITE for HaDavar! Plus, I have started a new career, and have been very busy there! We trust that if we consecrate the ‘times’ Abba has set aside for us, HE will economize our ordinary time, so we can get all of this done!

See the new translation at www.dvaryahuah.org ! We will resume our blogging as soon as we can. We are preparing for a SURVEY of the WHOLE BIBLE, a study to begin on Rumble on 10/07/21. JOIN US on zoom for that study!

See our two channels on RUMBLE:

Torah of Messiah


See our communications site on Facebook:

The Torah of Messiah

Published by danielperek

See my about page! I'm a Messianic Jewish writer, and teacher of the Torah as Messiah Yeshua taught it. I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. A musician, singer, and composer. Most importantly, a servant of the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua HaNatzri!

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