Blessed are those who mourn

Yeshua warned us.

“Happy are you, when they reproach you and persecute you, and speak against you every kind of bad word, falsely, for my sake, then, be glad and rejoice, for your reward is increased in heaven; for in this very manner they persecuted the Nevi’im who were before you.”

In having what I had hoped would be a productive, friendly conversation with someone I thought was capable of such a thing, when I disagreed, I was reviled for saying that Yeshua is the Son of God.

“Messianic Jewish can be cultish.” …”With all that religious jargon and technical big word puffed up garbage.” … “you’re being righteously judged for being a borderline heretic brother reducing the deity of Jesus.” … “You will laugh brother and I’m not a $!@%, usually…” 

This is from a person who I thought was genuine and kind.

I don’t know if people do that to try to provoke the same behavior out of the other person, or if it is just in their nature to curse people.

I have been praying for unity in the Body of Messiah, worldwide. It seems like probably the most monumental, gargantuan hope, and it seems like I hope beyond hope sometimes. People are so very, very selfish, prideful, arrogant, rude, all in the name of “Christ.”

The above kind of behavior is exactly why I usually do not engage people on social media. As I said, I had watched this guy for quite some time, and had thought him to be more civil, more judicious, and more of the mind of Messiah not to use insults as points of argument.

“Reducing the deity of Jesus”, he said. That could not be further from the truth of that to which I attest, and that which I believe. My whole assertion was the ONENESS of Yeshua with His Father, and NOT the ‘threeness’ of a Jesus that is “God”. He accused me of using ‘puffed up garbage,’ and himself persisted in citing the puffed up, extra-biblical language that is necessary to support the declaration that “Jesus is God.”

Yeshua is the perfectly expressed IMAGE of His Father; and yes, Timothy said, “My Master and My God,” when he saw the resurrected Yeshua for the first time and was convinced of HIS FLESH having been raised from the dead. Yeshua, the MAN, is now the PERMANENT manifestation of His Father in a HUMAN BODY. But, His Father, God, the Creator, יהוה , STILL sits on His throne. That is the only point I was trying to make. The way many xtians are now trying to preach is NOT what the apostles preached. They go around shouting, along with the Catholic Church, ‘Jesus is God! Jesus is God,’ and not ONE time did Yeshua ever say that, and not ONE time did the Apostles ever preach it. His and their absolute declaration was, “Trust in the SON of God.”

I will never apologize for making the very declaration the Scriptures say to make. As I reminded my accuser: “From that time on, he [Paul] declared in the Synagogues of the Jews concerning Yeshua, that he is THE SON OF GOD.” 

The official ‘trinity’ doctrine robs God of His Divine Presence, and creates a god who is three people [using persons versus people was one of his ‘puffed up garbage’ words] stuffed into one ‘substance.’ Sha’ul never once tried to declare to the world that “Jesus is God”. In declaring the gospel to Jews or Greeks, He always declared that God SENT Yeshua, His Son. God did NOT ‘become’ a man, HE manifested in a Body, while HE, the Father, still remained on His throne. Official trinitarians disagree. Call me a heretic, lost, cursed, whatever, I cannot disagree with the Word of God. Their [there were others on the thread happy to hurl insults and condemnation at me with him] injury toward me will not convince me to align with error and begin to declare something other than His Truth. They pretend to have divine ability to see something I cannot; but they rely on other people to arrive at those conclusions. I rely on His Word to show me how I am supposed to communicate the message of the Gospel to the lost.

These types of encounters are not new. They accused Yeshua of having demons, of being ‘lost’, of committing blasphemy, of being a false prophet. I don’t know why I am taken aback still when it happens. Where I bet this former ‘friend’ and I differ is that I pray for him [often have], genuinely, and also check myself to see if I’m in need of correction, reading all his references and seeing if I’m reading something wrong. I am certain he is not doing the same. We differ also in that I will not endeavor to insult someone in a public forum, resorting to profanities to try to sound superior and make him feel small, so I can win an argument.

I pray for all believers who follow the catholic trinity and cling to that unbiblical word and pagan principle, to recognize that Yeshua’s divinity is ONE with His Father. He is not a separate “God”. He did not replace His Father. He deferred to His father, prayed to His Father, glorified His Father. He stands NEXT TO His Father, even now. Nothing could be more divine. But, if He was not also a man, WE ARE LOST. God did NOT die. No one will ever convince me of that. He cannot die. God cannot bear to be in the presence of sin. That does NOT reduce the divinity of Yeshua, at all. That PRESERVES the HOLINESS of God the Father, that for a brief season, Yeshua was SEPARATED from Him, when ALL the sins of mankind were heaped upon Him, and His soul suffered in She’ol, for our sakes. And then, GOD, His Father, raised Him from the dead. Trinitarian theologians and scholars, with whom I have debated, assert that God set a resurrection alarm clock and died. This is why they call Mary the “mother of god”, because they think God LEFT HIS THRONE and became a man. Lie. My former friend used those very words, too. And that is sad.

It is bad enough that people are going about declaring a twisted version of who Yeshua is. But it is worse that when one tries to have dialog about it, that it turns into and insult and profanity fest. What a witness. And these people never seem to come to the point of contrition over trying to injure another person in a public forum. They ride the high horse of self-righteousness, not even knowing the horse on which they sit.

I truly mourn the whole episode. NOT because ‘my feelings were hurt’; not at all. But because it besmirches the Body of Messiah before the world. It brings shame on His Name, among the heathen, and they mock His congregation. That is what I mourn.

I mourn that so many people do not understand the scriptures in their plainest meaning. And they cannot even see that they have been duped by a false spirit. They berate the Torah, the Law of God, in thinking that they are so flooded with His Grace that the foundation of His Word can become a byword, and anyone who tries to declare the Glory of it is a cult member who is lost in his sin. What a sad and demented world we live in! Peter understood this, and it is for this reason I mourn:

“… be diligent that you may be found by Him in shalom, without spot, and blameless. 15And consider that the longsuffering of Adoneinu [Our Master] is for Salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also, according to the wisdom given to him, has written to you, 16as also in all his letters he speaks concerning these matters, in which there are certain things so hard to be understood that those who are ignorant and unstable twist their meaning, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction. 17You therefore, my beloved, seeing that you know these things beforehand, beware, lest you follow the error of those without Torah, and fall from your own steadfastness.”

When Paul writes about Yeshua’s divinity, He does not call Him God. The scriptures have been tweaked by translators to perpetuate Catholic doctrines. Protestants cling to the term trinity out of fear that they will be called heretics and lost if they do not attest to THREE GODS. “GOD the Father, GOD the son, GOD the Holy Spirit. That is THREE. Trinity means THREE. GOD is, however ONE. Yeshua said it.

“The first of all the commandments is ‘Shema, Yisra’el,  יהוה  Eloheinu,  יהוה  Ekhad! [Hear O Yisra’el,  יהוה  is our Elohim,  יהוה  is One].” ONE. And Yeshua is the MANIFESTATION of His Father.

If He is not, then ‘god’ is a schizophrenic who talked to himself and worshiped himself and prayed to himself…’s insanity.

Trinity is pagan; the word is not, but the concept is. Mithras, Ba’al, et al, were pagan deities. Pagan trinities. Constantine worshipped Mithras, the sun god, for his whole life, AFTER he became the ‘pope.’ People do not realize they are following that spirit. He was the one who relegated the Torah and changed the feasts, desecrated the Sabbath and made it the law of the land to do so; his ‘church’ killed anyone that would not agree to it; and MANY did NOT. And they condemned all of them to hell, even though they did not have the authority to do so. I was condemned to hell yesterday by his followers, who are so confused, and blissfully ignorant of their own sins.

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