This is the anniversary of 9/11. This day is always a bit bittersweet for me, personally. The backstory is necessary in order for anyone to attempt to fully grasp why.

Twin Towers

My Dad was a career military man, a Navy Senior Chief. All of his children were born on Naval/Military days of remembrance. Columbus Day, D-Day, AJ-day, VJ-day, and myself, December 7th, the day that would live in infamy. On the morning of the 9/11 attack, after driving home and trying to comfort my family, I had the difficult task of calling my parents and wishing them “Happy Anniversary”. Yes, my parents married on 9/11, 1959. Dad and I mused about the fact that after having five children born on such days, now their anniversary would forever be in the shadow of 9/11.

This year, I remember them, and I also remember the atrocities that occurred that day in 2001, under a slightly accented light, that of Amalek.

זָכוֹר אֵת אֲשֶׁר עָשָׂה לְךָ עֲמָלֵק בַּדֶּרֶךְ בְּצֵאתְכֶם מִמִּצְרָיִם

“Remember what Amalek did to you in “The Way” when you departed from Egypt.”

Yesterday’s Sabbath reading was from Deuteronomy’s portion called “Ki Tetzeh”, and in Deut 25:17, we are instructed to remember what he did to Israel. He and his bands attacked a tired, traveling people in the rear of the procession, where the weak, enfeebled and sick were. In other words, they did not attack the Men of War, those armed with weapons who could defend themselves.

This same ‘spirit’ remains, because Israel did not destroy Amalek as instructed. We commemorate this every year in the festivity we call “Purim.” Some people do not honor the book of Esther, and have decried it as not divinely inspired. I cannot conclude that. As a historian, I have to state that it is difficult to prove its historicity. But, I can neither disprove the historicity of it. What I can do, however, is say that this little book is rife with Messianic overtones concerning the “Bride”, and that the scriptural evidences screams that it is divinely inspired. The lesson it teaches is that we must do what God says when He tells us to rid ourselves of a particular enemy. Israel did not, and Amalek, the people, tried again to destroy the Messianic nation, the remnant that do trust in יהוה and HIS Messiah. That spirit has not left the world.

Instead of writing this all out, I have embedded our video from yesterday concerning Amalek being an archetype of The Adversary. It truly is wondrous what God has done in His Word to cause us to REMEMBER to FORGET. To BLOT OUT the memory of our internal adversary. I hope someone benefits from the watching. Shalom!

Ki Tetzeh – Amalek

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