Perek Shirah

A Chapter Song

“Come, and let us reason together….”


Happy Thanksgiving! Every morning, we pray psalm 100, which is a song of Thanksgiving. In fact, those are its first words: מִזְמוֹר לְתוֹדָה . “A song/melody of thanksgiving.” It was daily sung in the Temple during the time of Yeshua. Since we who belong to Messiah are the Temple [1 Cor 3:16], we have decidedContinue reading “Hodu!”

How To Love God

Most believers know that Yeshua said to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. The issue in the believing community is that there is a lack of practical application of the tenet. Knowledge of HOW we are to love God is virtually absent in many.Continue reading “How To Love God”


The world is in such turmoil right now. We seem to be on the cusp of World War III. Russia is claiming several territories in Ukraine. Other Slavic nations are joining Russia. China is threatening its neighbors. Talk of the U.S. getting involved in several conflicts is brewing. Israel is courting the notion of aContinue reading “Return”

Ready or Not!

Curious about the fulfillment of prophecy? There is a “mystery” hidden in plain sight, and Paul tells us about it. It is the “mystery” of the “Last Shofar”, which is not ordinal, but prophetic. It is also known in the Torah/Bible as the “Day of the Awakening Blast,” or “Yom Teru’ah; Yom Teru’ah is likelyContinue reading “Ready or Not!”


This is the anniversary of 9/11. This day is always a bit bittersweet for me, personally. The backstory is necessary in order for anyone to attempt to fully grasp why. My Dad was a career military man, a Navy Senior Chief. All of his children were born on Naval/Military days of remembrance. Columbus Day, D-Day,Continue reading “REMEMBER!”


There is a fad going around among believers about The Name of God. And that is all that it is: a fad. God is very, very clear about what His Name is, and that it is spoken. Spoken for a Memorial, and therefore, audible. There is at least one meme that I have seen thatContinue reading “HIS VOICE!”

He Said Passover…

Messianic people today are no less prone to being blown about by every wind of doctrine than any other believer. In fact, because they have delved more deeply into the scriptures than the average believer, they are likely more prone to error! Especially if they go looking for teachers to scratch their Jewish itch. NotContinue reading “He Said Passover…”

Coming Soon!

I have been seeing lots of people post on social media that “Jesus is coming soon.” They would not be wrong, even if He waits another generation. But, though people are aware enough to say that Yeshua is coming soon, they are not aware of the ramifications of it. “Let every man be sure inContinue reading “Coming Soon!”


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