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B’rukhim Ha’Ba’im!

A warm and hearty New Year welcome to Perekshirah Subscribers! Welcome to the new site. We have been VERY BUSY, trying to get all the liturgy published, finishing translating the Brit Khadashah from Aramaic to Hebrew for our own Hebrew/English version of HaDavar, and now creating a WEBSITE for HaDavar! Plus, I have started aContinue reading “B’rukhim Ha’Ba’im!”


Welcome to “Perek Shirah”, a blog of Perek Publications. “Chapter Song” is a collection of scriptures related to the Creation. The author of most of Perek Publications will share thoughts on The Creator and His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, and living in His Kingdom. On this site you will find “HaDavar,” or “The Word.” ReadContinue reading “Welcome!”

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