Perek Shirah

A Chapter Song

“Come, and let us reason together….”

Sincerely, Come!

Have you ever been to a Passover Seder? If you are in or could plan to be in our area this year, we would LOVE to invite you to our Seder. Here is why: Yeshua is the WHOLE REASON we do this. We so desperately want to share our Savior with the whole world. And,Continue reading “Sincerely, Come!”

Hardy Har Heart

We are reading about Pharaoh right now. That guy is a study in many disciplines, for the keen eye. In our portion, Israel has just left Egypt, and the people of Egypt are peeved that they don’t have a people serving them any more. I recently went through the same thing Israel experienced in that.Continue reading “Hardy Har Heart”


Yeshua’s name is hotly debated today by far too many people. Those in the Christian community are mostly content to call Him “Jesus,” and there is no reason to quibble over it with them. But, in the Messianic community, there are so many people creating ridiculous versions of His name that are not rooted inContinue reading “ישוע”

Love God, Love People… HOW?

בִּשְׁתֵּי הַמִּצְוֹת הָאֵלֶּה תְּלוּיָה כָּל הַתּוֹרָה וְהַנְּבִיאִים Yes, Yeshua did say that loving God and loving people was critical. “On these two mitzvot hang all the Torah and the Nevi’im.” Mat 22:40 What two ‘commandments’? The first of the two He cited was: “Shema! [Hear and respond] O Yisra’el! יהוה is our God! יהוה isContinue reading “Love God, Love People… HOW?”

Salvation By No Other

There are so many people vying for your attention. As you may likely be reading this from farcebook or another internet platform, there are indeed many people advertising things you’re interested in, measured by the searches you’ve made on google; there are people trying to make you laugh; trying to seduce you, for money, orContinue reading “Salvation By No Other”

Are you SURE?

Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you’re ‘in a good way’? Even if you feel you are, it is ALWAYS healthy, spiritually, just to ‘check yourself’. Maybe the ‘check engine’ light is on, but you’ve been ignoring it. The New Testament Scriptures have plenty of admonishing verses telling the reader to ‘examine’ himself, to ‘see’ whether heContinue reading “Are you SURE?”

Light the LIGHTs!

Khanukah is coming! And we have some newer people in our congregation who are leaving behind the ways of this world, and conforming to Messiah Yeshua, who have yet to celebrate a Khanukah. They are here with us, and they are in places abroad, and we want to say Khappy Khanukah! And, we wanted toContinue reading “Light the LIGHTs!”


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