“Man Speak With Forked Tongue”

Nothing frustrates me more than a believer who professes to know Yeshua the Messiah [Jesus Christ], but yet talks out both sides of his mouth. Many profess that “Jesus is God”. They do not understand the Nature of Yeshua. They are parrots, quoting the preachers/teachers who taught them, and refusing to look into the scripturesContinue reading ““Man Speak With Forked Tongue””

Are you SURE?

Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you’re ‘in a good way’? Even if you feel you are, it is ALWAYS healthy, spiritually, just to ‘check yourself’. Maybe the ‘check engine’ light is on, but you’ve been ignoring it. The New Testament Scriptures have plenty of admonishing verses telling the reader to ‘examine’ himself, to ‘see’ whether heContinue reading “Are you SURE?”

Send In The Clowns

What they’re really saying is ‘follow our scientists’. NOT ‘follow the ‘science‘. The word ‘science’ is rooted in ‘knowledge’. Scientists are ‘supposed’ to be the finders and purveyors of knowledge. This knowledge is supposed to be based on observable, repeatable FACT. This is NOT what you are getting concerning neither the vax nor the bug.Continue reading “Send In The Clowns”

The “New Testament” Teaches Torah AND Good Works

Many of my beloved, believing fb friends often post scriptures out of context that seem to say that the Sabbath is irrelevant, that the Torah is irrelevant, and that anyone who says anything hinting at a possible goodness of keeping His Torah is “under the law”, and that they are utterly free from every commandment.Continue reading “The “New Testament” Teaches Torah AND Good Works”