Shmu’el Bet 15 – שמואל ב פרק טו

1And it came to pass after this, that Avshalom prepared him a chariot and horses, and fifty men to run before him. 2And Avshalom used to rise up early, and stand beside the way of the gate; and it was so, that when any man had a suit which should come to HaMelekh for judgment, then Avshalom called unto him, and said, “Of what city are you?” And he said, “Your servant is of one of the tribes of Yisra’el.” 3And Avshalom said unto him, “See, your matters are good and right; but there is no man deputed of HaMelekh to hear you.” 4Avshalom said moreover, “Oh that I were made Shofet in the land, that every man who has any suit or cause might come unto me, and I would do him justice!” 5And it was so, that when any man came near to prostrate himself before him, he put forth his hand, and took hold of him, and kissed him. 6And on this manner did Avshalom to all Yisra’el that came to HaMelekh for judgment; so Avshalom stole the hearts of the men of Yisra’el.

7And it came to pass at the end of forty years, that Avshalom said unto HaMelekh, “I pray, let me go and pay my vow, which I have vowed unto  יהוה , in Khevron. 8For your servant vowed a vow while I abode at Geshur in Aram, saying, ‘If  יהוה  shall indeed bring me back to Yerushalayim, then I will serve  יהוה ‘.” And9 HaMelekh said unto him, “Go in shalom.” So he arose, and went to Khevron.

10But Avshalom sent spies throughout all the tribes of Yisra’el, saying, “As soon as you hear the sound of the shofar, then you shall say, ‘Avshalom is Melekh in Khevron’.” 11And with Avshalom went two hundred men out of Yerushalayim, that were invited, and went in their simplicity; and they knew not any thing. 12And Avshalom sent for Akhitofel HaGiloni, David’s counsellor, from his city, even from Giloh, while he offered the sacrifices. And the conspiracy was strong; for the people increased continually with Avshalom. 13And there came a messenger to David, saying, “The hearts of the men of Yisra’el are after Avshalom.” 14And David said unto all his servants that were with him at Yerushalayim, “Arise, and let us flee; for else none of us shall escape from Avshalom; make speed to depart, lest he overtake us quickly, and bring down evil upon us, and smite the city with the edge of the sword.” 15And the  servants of HaMelekh said unto HaMelekh, “Behold, your servants are ready to do whatsoever my Adon HaMelekh shall choose.” 16And HaMelekh went forth, and all his household after him. And HaMelekh left ten women, that were concubines, to keep the house. 17And HaMelekh went forth, and all the people after him; and they tarried in Beit HaMerkhak. 18And all his servants passed on beside him; and all the Kereti, and all the Peleti, and all the Giti, six hundred men that came after him from Gat, passed on before HaMelekh. 

19Then said HaMelekh to Ittai HaGiti, “Why do you go also with us? Return, and abide with HaMelekh; for you are a foreigner, and also an exile from your own place. 20Whereas you came but yesterday, should I this day make you go up and down with us, seeing I go where I may? Return, and take back your brethren with you in kindness and truth.” 21And Ittai answered HaMelekh, and said, “As  יהוה  lives, and as my Adon HaMelekh lives, surely in what place my Adon HaMelekh shall be, whether for death or for life, even there also will your servant be.” 22And David said to Ittai, “Go and pass over.” And Ittai the Giti passed over, and all his men, and all the little ones that were with him. 23And all the country wept with a loud voice, as all the people passed over; and as HaMelekh passed over the brook Kidron, all the people passed over, toward the way of the wilderness. 24And, lo, Tzadok also came, and all the Levi’im with him, bearing Aron Brit HaElohim; and they set down the Aron HaElohim–but Evyatar went up–until all the people had done passing out of the city. 

25And HaMelekh said unto Tzadok, “Carry back the Aron HaElohim into the city; if I shall find favor in the eyes of  יהוה , He will bring me back, and show me both it, and His habitation; 26but if He says thus, ‘I have no delight in you’, behold, here am I, let Him do to me as seems good unto Him.” 

27HaMelekh said also unto Tzadok the kohen, “Do you see?  Return into the city in shalom, and your two sons with you, Akhima’atz your son, and Yehonatan Ben Evyatar.  28See, I will tarry in the plains of the wilderness, until word comes from you to announce unto me.” 29Tzadok therefore and Evyatar carried the Aron HaElohim back to Yerushalayim; and they abode there. 30And David went up by the ascent of [Har] HaZetim, and wept as he went up; and he had his head covered, and went barefoot; and all the people that were with him covered every man his head, and they went up, weeping as they went up. 31And one told David, saying, “Akhitofel is among the conspirators with Avshalom.” And David said, “O  יהוה , I pray, turn the counsel of Akhitofel into foolishness.” 32And it came to pass, that when David was come to the top of the ascent, where Elohim was wont to be worshipped, behold, Khushai HaArki came to meet him with his coat rent, and earth upon his head. 33And David said unto him, “If you pass on with me, then you will be a burden unto Me; 34but if you return to the city, and say unto Avshalom, ‘I will be your servant, O Melekh, as I have been your father’s servant in time past, so will I now be your servant’, then will you defeat for me the counsel of Akhitofel. 35And have you not there with you Tzadok and Evyatar the kohanim? Therefore, it shall be that whatever you shall hear out of the house of HaMelekh, you shall tell it to Tzadok and Evyatar the kohanim. 36Behold, they have there with them their two sons, Akhima’atz of Tzadok, and Yehonatan of Evyatar; and by them you shall send unto me every thing that you shall hear.” 37So Khushai David’s friend came into the city; and Avshalom was at the point of coming into Yerushalayim.

אוַיְהִי מֵאַחֲרֵי כֵן וַיַּעַשׂ לוֹ אַבְשָׁלוֹם מֶרְכָּבָה וְסֻסִים; וַחֲמִשִּׁים אִישׁ רָצִים לְפָנָיו. בוְהִשְׁכִּים אַבְשָׁלוֹם וְעָמַד עַל יַד דֶּרֶךְ הַשָּׁעַר; וַיְהִי כָּל הָאִישׁ אֲשֶׁר יִהְיֶה לּוֹ רִיב לָבוֹא אֶל הַמֶּלֶךְ לַמִּשְׁפָּט וַיִּקְרָא אַבְשָׁלוֹם אֵלָיו וַיֹּאמֶר אֵי מִזֶּה עִיר אַתָּה וַיֹּאמֶר מֵאַחַד שִׁבְטֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל עַבְדֶּךָ. גוַיֹּאמֶר אֵלָיו אַבְשָׁלוֹם רְאֵה דְבָרֶיךָ טוֹבִים וּנְכֹחִים; וְשֹׁמֵעַ אֵין לְךָ מֵאֵת הַמֶּלֶךְ. דוַיֹּאמֶר אַבְשָׁלוֹם מִי יְשִׂמֵנִי שֹׁפֵט בָּאָרֶץ; וְעָלַי יָבוֹא כָּל אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר יִהְיֶה לּוֹ רִיב וּמִשְׁפָּט וְהִצְדַּקְתִּיו. הוְהָיָה בִּקְרָב אִישׁ לְהִשְׁתַּחֲו‍ֹת לוֹ; וְשָׁלַח אֶת יָדוֹ וְהֶחֱזִיק לוֹ וְנָשַׁק לוֹ. ווַיַּעַשׂ אַבְשָׁלוֹם כַּדָּבָר הַזֶּה לְכָל יִשְׂרָאֵל אֲשֶׁר יָבֹאוּ לַמִּשְׁפָּט אֶל הַמֶּלֶךְ; וַיְגַנֵּב אַבְשָׁלוֹם אֶת לֵב אַנְשֵׁי יִשְׂרָאֵל.

זוַיְהִי מִקֵּץ אַרְבָּעִים שָׁנָה; וַיֹּאמֶר אַבְשָׁלוֹם אֶל הַמֶּלֶךְ אֵלְכָה נָּא וַאֲשַׁלֵּם אֶת נִדְרִי אֲשֶׁר נָדַרְתִּי לַיהוה בְּחֶבְרוֹן. חכִּי נֵדֶר נָדַר עַבְדְּךָ בְּשִׁבְתִּי בִגְשׁוּר בַּאֲרָם לֵאמֹר: אִם ישיב (יָשׁוֹב) יְשִׁיבֵנִי יהוה יְרוּשָׁלִַם וְעָבַדְתִּי אֶת יהוה . טוַיֹּאמֶר לוֹ הַמֶּלֶךְ לֵךְ בְּשָׁלוֹם; וַיָּקָם וַיֵּלֶךְ חֶבְרוֹנָה.

יוַיִּשְׁלַח אַבְשָׁלוֹם מְרַגְּלִים בְּכָל שִׁבְטֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל לֵאמֹר: כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶם אֶת קוֹל הַשֹּׁפָר וַאֲמַרְתֶּם מָלַךְ אַבְשָׁלוֹם בְּחֶבְרוֹן. יאוְאֶת אַבְשָׁלוֹם הָלְכוּ מָאתַיִם אִישׁ מִירוּשָׁלִַם קְרֻאִים וְהֹלְכִים לְתֻמָּם; וְלֹא יָדְעוּ כָּל דָּבָר. יבוַיִּשְׁלַח אַבְשָׁלוֹם אֶת אֲחִיתֹפֶל הַגִּילֹנִי יוֹעֵץ דָּוִד מֵעִירוֹ מִגִּלֹה בְּזָבְחוֹ אֶת הַזְּבָחִים; וַיְהִי הַקֶּשֶׁר אַמִּץ וְהָעָם הוֹלֵךְ וָרָב אֶת אַבְשָׁלוֹם. יגוַיָּבֹא הַמַּגִּיד אֶל דָּוִד לֵאמֹר: הָיָה לֶב אִישׁ יִשְׂרָאֵל אַחֲרֵי אַבְשָׁלוֹם. ידוַיֹּאמֶר דָּוִד לְכָל עֲבָדָיו אֲשֶׁר אִתּוֹ בִירוּשָׁלִַם קוּמוּ וְנִבְרָחָה כִּי לֹא תִהְיֶה לָּנוּ פְלֵיטָה מִפְּנֵי אַבְשָׁלֹם; מַהֲרוּ לָלֶכֶת פֶּן יְמַהֵר וְהִשִּׂגָנוּ וְהִדִּיחַ עָלֵינוּ אֶת הָרָעָה וְהִכָּה הָעִיר לְפִי חָרֶב. טווַיֹּאמְרוּ עַבְדֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ אֶל הַמֶּלֶךְ: כְּכֹל אֲשֶׁר יִבְחַר אֲדֹנִי הַמֶּלֶךְ הִנֵּה עֲבָדֶיךָ. טזוַיֵּצֵא הַמֶּלֶךְ וְכָל בֵּיתוֹ בְּרַגְלָיו; וַיַּעֲזֹב הַמֶּלֶךְ אֵת עֶשֶׂר נָשִׁים פִּלַגְשִׁים לִשְׁמֹר הַבָּיִת. יזוַיֵּצֵא הַמֶּלֶךְ וְכָל הָעָם בְּרַגְלָיו; וַיַּעַמְדוּ בֵּית הַמֶּרְחָק. יחוְכָל עֲבָדָיו עֹבְרִים עַל יָדוֹ וְכָל הַכְּרֵתִי וְכָל הַפְּלֵתִי; וְכָל הַגִּתִּים שֵׁשׁ מֵאוֹת אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר בָּאוּ  בְרַגְלוֹ מִגַּת עֹבְרִים עַל פְּנֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ.

יטוַיֹּאמֶר הַמֶּלֶךְ אֶל אִתַּי הַגִּתִּי לָמָּה תֵלֵךְ גַּם אַתָּה אִתָּנוּ; שׁוּב וְשֵׁב עִם הַמֶּלֶךְ כִּי נָכְרִי אַתָּה וְגַם גֹּלֶה אַתָּה לִמְקוֹמֶךָ. כתְּמוֹל בּוֹאֶךָ וְהַיּוֹם אנועך (אֲנִיעֲךָ) עִמָּנוּ לָלֶכֶת וַאֲנִי הוֹלֵךְ עַל אֲשֶׁר אֲנִי הוֹלֵךְ; שׁוּב וְהָשֵׁב אֶת אַחֶיךָ עִמָּךְ חֶסֶד וֶאֱמֶת. כאוַיַּעַן אִתַּי אֶת  הַמֶּלֶךְ וַיֹּאמַר:  חַי יהוה  וְחֵי אֲדֹנִי הַמֶּלֶךְ  כִּי  אם בִּמְקוֹם אֲשֶׁר יִהְיֶה  שָּׁם  אֲדֹנִי 

הַמֶּלֶךְ אִם לְמָוֶת אִם לְחַיִּים כִּי שָׁם יִהְיֶה עַבְדֶּךָ. כבוַיֹּאמֶר דָּוִד אֶל אִתַּי לֵךְ וַעֲבֹר; וַיַּעֲבֹר אִתַּי הַגִּתִּי וְכָל אֲנָשָׁיו וְכָל הַטַּף אֲשֶׁר אִתּוֹ. כגוְכָל הָאָרֶץ בּוֹכִים קוֹל גָּדוֹל וְכָל הָעָם עֹבְרִים; וְהַמֶּלֶךְ עֹבֵר בְּנַחַל קִדְרוֹן וְכָל הָעָם עֹבְרִים עַל פְּנֵי דֶרֶךְ אֶת הַמִּדְבָּר. כדוְהִנֵּה גַם צָדוֹק וְכָל הַלְוִיִּם אִתּוֹ נֹשְׂאִים אֶת אֲרוֹן בְּרִית הָאֱלֹהִים וַיַּצִּקוּ אֶת אֲרוֹן הָאֱלֹהִים וַיַּעַל אֶבְיָתָר עַד תֹּם כָּל הָעָם לַעֲבוֹר מִן הָעִיר.

כהוַיֹּאמֶר הַמֶּלֶךְ לְצָדוֹק הָשֵׁב אֶת אֲרוֹן הָאֱלֹהִים הָעִיר: אִם אֶמְצָא חֵן בְּעֵינֵי יהוה וֶהֱשִׁבַנִי וְהִרְאַנִי אֹתוֹ וְאֶת נָוֵהוּ. כווְאִם כֹּה יֹאמַר לֹא חָפַצְתִּי בָּךְ: הִנְנִי יַעֲשֶׂה לִּי כַּאֲשֶׁר טוֹב בְּעֵינָיו.

כזוַיֹּאמֶר הַמֶּלֶךְ אֶל צָדוֹק הַכֹּהֵן הֲרוֹאֶה אַתָּה שֻׁבָה הָעִיר בְּשָׁלוֹם; וַאֲחִימַעַץ בִּנְךָ וִיהוֹנָתָן בֶּן אֶבְיָתָר שְׁנֵי בְנֵיכֶם אִתְּכֶם. כחרְאוּ אָנֹכִי מִתְמַהְמֵהַּ בעברות (בְּעַרְבוֹת) הַמִּדְבָּר עַד בּוֹא דָבָר מֵעִמָּכֶם לְהַגִּיד לִי. כטוַיָּשֶׁב צָדוֹק וְאֶבְיָתָר אֶת אֲרוֹן הָאֱלֹהִים יְרוּשָׁלִָם; וַיֵּשְׁבוּ שָׁם. לוְדָוִד עֹלֶה בְמַעֲלֵה הַזֵּיתִים עֹלֶה וּבוֹכֶה וְרֹאשׁ לוֹ חָפוּי וְהוּא הֹלֵךְ יָחֵף; וְכָל הָעָם אֲשֶׁר אִתּוֹ חָפוּ אִישׁ רֹאשׁוֹ וְעָלוּ עָלֹה וּבָכֹה. לאוְדָוִד הִגִּיד לֵאמֹר אֲחִיתֹפֶל בַּקֹּשְׁרִים עִם אַבְשָׁלוֹם; וַיֹּאמֶר דָּוִד סַכֶּל נָא אֶת עֲצַת אֲחִיתֹפֶל יהוה . לבוַיְהִי דָוִד בָּא עַד הָרֹאשׁ אֲשֶׁר יִשְׁתַּחֲוֶה שָׁם לֵאלֹהִים; וְהִנֵּה לִקְרָאתוֹ חוּשַׁי הָאַרְכִּי קָרוּעַ כֻּתָּנְתּוֹ וַאֲדָמָה עַל רֹאשׁוֹ. לגוַיֹּאמֶר לוֹ דָּוִד: אִם עָבַרְתָּ אִתִּי וְהָיִתָ עָלַי לְמַשָּׂא. לדוְאִם הָעִיר תָּשׁוּב וְאָמַרְתָּ לְאַבְשָׁלוֹם עַבְדְּךָ אֲנִי הַמֶּלֶךְ אֶהְיֶה עֶבֶד אָבִיךָ וַאֲנִי מֵאָז וְעַתָּה וַאֲנִי עַבְדֶּךָ; וְהֵפַרְתָּה לִי אֵת עֲצַת אֲחִיתֹפֶל. להוַהֲלוֹא עִמְּךָ שָׁם צָדוֹק וְאֶבְיָתָר הַכֹּהֲנִים; וְהָיָה כָּל הַדָּבָר אֲשֶׁר תִּשְׁמַע מִבֵּית הַמֶּלֶךְ תַּגִּיד לְצָדוֹק וּלְאֶבְיָתָר הַכֹּהֲנִים. לוהִנֵּה שָׁם עִמָּם שְׁנֵי בְנֵיהֶם אֲחִימַעַץ לְצָדוֹק וִיהוֹנָתָן לְאֶבְיָתָר; וּשְׁלַחְתֶּם בְּיָדָם אֵלַי כָּל דָּבָר אֲשֶׁר תִּשְׁמָעוּ. לזוַיָּבֹא חוּשַׁי רֵעֶה דָוִד הָעִיר; וְאַבְשָׁלוֹם יָבוֹא יְרוּשָׁלִָם.