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A quick look at HaDavar

HaDavar, The Word of יהוה

VOLUME I – IV of the four volume set a AMAZON:

Vol I The Torah Vol II The Prophets Vol III The Writings Vol IV The Renewed Covenant

VOLUME I – IV of the four volume set a BARNES & NOBLE:

Vol I The Torah Vol II The Prophets Vol III The Writings Vol IV The Renewed Covenant

“HaDavar, D’var יהוה “, or, “The Word of יהוה “, is a new translation of the scriptures. [click title for details] The printed version is four volumes: HaDavar, D’var יהוה Volume 1, The Torah; HaDavar, D’var יהוה Volume 2, The Prophets; HaDavar, D’var יהוה Volume 3, The Writings; HaDavar, D’var יהוה Volume 4, The Brit Khadashah. These four volumes are available at most booksellers. This work is also being compiled on a website, with new chapters added almost daily. See “D’var יהוה “.


Messianic Peshitta Siddur for Shabbat is available now on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers! 

Messianic Peshitta Siddur for Shabbat is truly a one-of-a-kind Siddur.

It features the ancient synagogue/temple rites, prayers, and psalms for worship in the synagogue, for Erev Shabbat in the home, for all High Holy Days, and for daily prayers, including the complete Tehillim/Psalms 1-150 in Hebrew and English.

Transliterations for all synagogue and daily prayers are included. The scriptures cited are from “HaDavar, The Word of יהוה,” a Hebrew and Aramaic Peshitta/English Bible. There is also a table of psalms for each Torah portion from the Parashot.

This Siddur is designed for both congregational and in-home worship, and will be invaluable for students of Biblical Hebrew.

“Prayer has always been an integral part of Biblical Jewish worship, even though the Torah itself does not explicitly command us to pray. The patriarchs all set the example of praying. According to Jewish tradition, Avraham is seen praying in the morning, Yitz’kḥak at noon, and Ya’akov at night … For all these reasons, and for many more, the Messianic Peshitta Community has adopted a lifestyle of prayer, and it should not cease while we are assembled!”

Messianic Peshitta Siddur for Shabbat!

PAPERBACK ::  Barnes and Noble  Amazon

HARD COVER ::  Amazon


The Messianic Peshitta Haggadah for Pesakh is a truly unique Haggadah. It gives users a perspective on Pesakh that is as close as possible to the first-century Seder that Yeshua conducted with his Talmidim, especially the third cup, the “Cup of Redemption” in Judaism, the “Cup After Supper” that Yeshua blessed.Readers are provided Hebrew and English citations from scripture to enjoy, along with transliterations of traditional blessings.The fifteen steps of the Seder are detailed and explained without being too lengthy. There are explanations of Yeshua’s fulfillment of each step of the Seder, and revelations about Jewish customs that point to Yeshua as the Messiah, even ones developed long after Yeshua rose from the dead.The scriptures cited are from “HaDavar, The Word of יהוה ” [ D’var יהוה ], a translation of the Masoretic Hebrew Tanakh and the Aramaic Peshitta Brit Khadashah.There is also a glossary of terms, lyrics to traditional Pesakh tunes, and more. A Seder conducted with this Haggadah is sure to be blessed! Jews and Gentiles alike have come to salvation as a result!

Messianic Peshitta Haggadah for Pesakh




The “Messianic Peshitta Bar & Bat Mitzvah Study Guide”

Messianic Peshitta Bar and Bat Mitzvah Study Guide

The “Messianic Peshitta Bar & Bat Mitzvah Study Guide” is truly ONE of a kind. It is a comprehensive study guide for students age 9 and up, including adults, in order to help them to understand all the necessary tenets of faith in Messiah, and includes understanding the necessity of walking with Him, following “Ikvot HaMashi’akh”, the ‘footsteps of the Messiah’, according to His halakha, His “Torah Walk.” “He who says ‘I am in Him’ ought himself also to walk His halakha” [torah walk]. [1 Jo 2:6]. It has been hailed as a “Messianic Systematic Theology”, and as a “Messianic Masterpiece on Faith”, and has already transformed many lives. It includes seven ‘divisions’, or topics, from discussions on who G-d is and who we are, to practical customs that are relevant today, to how to conduct one’s own Bar Mitzvah.

“The Torah of Messiah”, a Rumble and Facebook site for study, has been teaching from this workbook starting on 10/15/20, the last lesson was on 08/13/21.  You can find the complete study here, with all our other studies.  

I want this valuable study guide(s)!!!

The Torah of Messiah on Facebook


The Messianic Peshitta Megilah for Purim is a unique book offered for celebrating Purim. It is an abridgement of the book of Esther. Esther is the only book in scripture that does not mention our G-d directly, neither by name nor by title. This abridged Megilah offers the Messianic community the opportunity to both celebrate Purim, and to learn more about Purim, and hence about the book of Esther. Each chapter starts with a significant, direct quote from the Hebrew and the English, and the rest of the corresponding, biblical chapter is summarized, for brevity and clarity. After each summarized chapter, there are “Thoughts to Consider,” with probing analysis and questions concerning that chapter, focused on the Messianic overtones of the book. These can be discussed during the Shpiel. There are also suggestions for celebrating the Purim Shpiel. The book starts with the blessings for reading the Megilah, and ends with a glossary to define transliterated terms with which the reader may not be familiar. These transliterations are offered to render the more Jewish tone of the work, and to aid in understanding Esther on a deeper level. The author hopes that all who read/use the Megilah will gain better insight into the plan of Salvation, and how detailed and ‘present’ G-d is in our lives, even when we do not see or hear Him.

Daniel Perek is a lifelong writer and poet who comes from a legacy of writing. He has written a novel called “Grave Danger,” a Siddur for Messianic Peshitta Jewish liturgical worship, a Haggadah for the Messianic Peshitta Jewish Pesakh Seder, a Bar Mitzvah curriculum for the Messianic Peshitta Jewish Synagogue, a Madrikh of life-cycle events for the Messianic Peshitta Jewish overseer, a Megilah for the Messianic Peshitta Purim celebration, and most recently completed, a new translation into English of the sacred Jewish scriptures, the Tanakh and Brit Khadashah [OT and NT] texts from the Masoretic and Peshitta texts, respectively, called “HaDavar” [The Word]. Apart from his writing, music, and other pursuits, Daniel is also the founding overseer of a Messianic Congregation in The Woodlands, Texas, which influences much of his writing. He blogs periodically at here at, hoping to share the truth of the Jewish Messiah with anyone who would hear. After finishing and publishing all the liturgy above, he intends to complete his second work of fiction, which is proving very interesting to those in the know…

Megilat Esther

Messianic Peshitta Megillah for Purim at Amazon

Messianic Peshitta Megillah for Purim at Barnes & Noble


Messianic Peshitta Madrikh – an overseer’s handbook for lifecycle events

The Madrikh WILL SOON BE IN PRINT AGAIN!  This is a ministerial guide for all life-cycle ceremonies for life in Messiah, starting with the Brit Milah all the way to the funeral. It is truly ONE OF A KIND. For a pdf copy, please contact the author, or use the “Get The Word Out” link at the top of this page to request.

To support these efforts financially, please donate at: “Get The Word Out”

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