Korintim Alef 16 – איגרת שאול הראשונה אל הקורינתים טז


1Now concerning the collection for the k’doshim: as I have given order to the congregations of Galatya, likewise you should do also.  2On the first of every week, let each of you put aside and keep in his house whatever he can afford, so that there may be no collections when I come.  3And when I come, whomever you may select, I will send with a letter to carry your gift of compassion to Yerushalayim.  4And if it is right that I go also, they shall go with me.  5I will come to you when I pass through Macedonia; for I do pass through Macedonia.  6And perhaps I will remain some time with you or pass the winter with you, so that you may escort me wherever I go.  7For I do not want to see you now just as a wayfarer, because I trust to tarry for a time with you, if Adonai permits me.  8But I will tarry at Efesos until Shavu’ot.  9For a great opening full of opportunities is opened to me, and adversaries are many.

10Now if Timoteus comes, see that he may be with you without fear; for he is engaged in the work of  יהוה , just as I am.  11Let no man, therefore, despise him; but escort him in shalom, that he may come to me; for I wait for him with the brethren.  12My brethren, as for Apollos, I have often begged him to visit you with the brethren; probably it was not intended that he should come to you; but he will come to you when he has an opportunity.

13Watch, stand firm in HaEmunah, be valiant, be strong.  14Let all your deeds be done with love.  15I beseech you, my brethren, concerning the household of Stephanas, for you know that they were the first to trust from Achaia, and that they have devoted themselves to the ministry of the K’doshim, 16that you may listen to all those who are as they are, and to everyone who labors with us and helps.  17I am glad of the coming of Stephanas, and Fortunatus, and Achaicus; for that which was lacking on your part, they have supplied.  18For they have refreshed my spirit as well as yours; therefore recognize them who are similar.

19All the congregations of Asia salute you. Akilas and Priskilah wish you great shalom in Adoneinu, with the congregation that meets in their house.  20All the brethren greet you. Greet one another with a consecrated kiss.  21This salutation is from me, Pavlos, in my own handwriting.  22Whoever does not love Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh, let him be accursed. Adoneinu is coming!  23The compassion of Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh be with you.  24My love be with you all in Mashi’akh Yeshua. Amein.

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