Korintim Bet 8 – איגרת שאול השניה אל הקורינתים ח


1Moreover, our brethren, we want you to know that the compassion of Elohim has been bestowed on the congregations of Macedonia; 2how that in a great trial of affliction, the abundance of their joy and their deep-rooted poverty abounded to the riches of their generosity.  3For to their power, I can testify, yes, and beyond their power they have shared of their own accord, 4and besought us most earnestly, that they might be partakers in the gift for the ministration to the k’doshim.  5And this they did, not only as we expected, but first they gave themselves to Adoneinu, and then to us by the will of Elohim.  6Insomuch as we desired Titus, that as he had begun, so he would also finish this same compassion among you.

7Therefore, as you abound in everything, in absolute trust, in HaDavar, in knowledge, in all perseverance,  and by our love toward you,  you should likewise excel  in  this compassion also.  8I am not making a demand on you, but I am prompted by the devotion of your fellow believers to test the sincerity of your love.  9For you know His compassion in Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, so that you, through His poverty, might be rich.  10Herein I give you my advice, that it may help you to go forward and accomplish what you, of your own accord, began to do last year.  11Now, therefore, perform by works that which you wished to do; and as you were eager to promise it, so fulfill from that which you have.  12For if there is a willingness to give, every man can give according to that which he has, and not according to that which he has not, and his gift will be acceptable.  13This is not intended to relieve other men and add a burden to you, 14but that there may be an equality at this particular time, that your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want, that there may be equality.  15As it is written, “He who had gathered much had nothing over; and he who had gathered little had no lack.”

16But thanks be to Elohim, who put the same vigorous care into the heart of Titus for you.  17For indeed he has accepted our appeal; and because he was very desirous, he went to you of his own accord.  18And we have also sent with him our brother, who has received praise throughout all the congregations for his declaration of HaB’sorah; 19so that he also has been chosen by the congregations to travel with us for this compassion which is administered by us to the very glory of Elohim, and for our own encouragement; 20but we are careful in this, lest anyone should blame us in connection with this generous help which is administered by us.  21For we are very careful to do the right thing, not only in the presence of Elohim, but also in the presence of men.  22And we have sent with them also our brother, who has often been proved by us in many things, that he is earnest, and now is more earnest because of the abundant faith he has in you.  23And as to Titus, he is my partner and helper among you; and as to our other brethren, they are the Shlikhim of the congregations, to the glory of Mashi’akh.  24Henceforth you can show to them before all the congregations the proof of your love and of our pride in you.

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