Ma’asei HaShlikhim 9 – מעשי השליחים ט


1Now Sha’ul was still filled with anger and with threats of murder against the Talmidim of Adoneinu, 2and he asked the chief Kohanim to give him letters to the Beit K’nessets at Damesek, that if he should find anyone, man or woman, following This Way, he might arrest them and bring them to Yerushalayim.  3And as he journeyed, he came near Damesek; and suddenly a light from the sky shone round about him, 4and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Sha’ul, Sha’ul, why do you persecute me? You make it hard for yourself by kicking against the goads.”  5Sha’ul answered, saying, “Who are you, My Adon?” And Adoneinu said, “I am Yeshua HaNatzri, whom you persecute; 6arise, and go into the city, and there you will be told what you must do.”  7And the men who journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing only a voice, but seeing no man.  8And Sha’ul arose from the ground, but he could not see, even though his eyes were open; and they led him by the hand and brought him into Damesek.  9And he was unable to see for three days, during which he neither ate nor drank.

10Now there was in Damesek a talmid named Khanan-Yah, and  יהוה  said to him in a vision, “Khanan-Yah!”  And he said, “Behold, I am here, My Adon.”  11And Adoneinu said to him, “Arise, and go into the street which is called Straight, and enquire at the house of Yehudah for Sha’ul of the city of Tarsus; for behold, he is praying, 12and he has seen in a vision a man named Khanan-Yah coming in and laying his hand on him to restore his sight.”  13Then Khanan-Yah said, “My Adon, I have heard from many concerning this man, how much misery he has brought to your k’doshim in Yerushalayim.  14And behold, here also he has authority from the chief Kohanim to bind all who call on Your Name.”  15But  יהוה  said to him, “Arise and go; he is the agent whom I have chosen for myself to carry My Name to the Goyim, and kings, and to the sons of Yisra’el; 16for I will show him how great things he must suffer for my Name’s sake.”  17Then Khanan-Yah went to him at the house, and laying his hands on him, said, “Sha’ul, my brother, Adoneinu Yeshua, who appeared to you on the way when you were coming, has sent me, that you may receive your sight and be filled with The Ru’akh HaKodesh.”  18And in that hour, there fell from his eyes something like scales; and his eyesight was restored; and he arose and was immersed.  19And when he had received food, he was strengthened, and he remained several days with the Talmidim in Damesek.  20From that time on, he declared in the Beit K’nessets of the Yehudim concerning Yeshua, that he is Ben HaElohim.  21But all those who heard him were amazed and said, “Is this not he who persecuted those who called on this name in Yerushalayim, and behold, he was sent here for that very purpose, that he might bring them bound to the chief Kohanim?”  22But Sha’ul became more powerful, and he made the Yehudim who dwelt in Damesek tremble when he proved that Yeshua is the Mashi’akh.

23After he had been there many days, the Y’hudim plotted against him to kill him.  24But their conspiracy was made known to Sha’ul, how they watched the gates of the city day and night to kill him.  25Then the Talmidim placed him in a basket and let him down over the wall during the night.  26Then Sha’ul went to Yerushalayim, and wanted to join the Talmidim, but they were all afraid of him, and could not believe that he was a convert.  27But Bar-Naba took him and brought him to the Shlikhim, and told them how he had seen  יהוה  on the way, and how He had spoken to him, and how in Damesek he had spoken openly in the Name of Yeshua.  28So he went in and out with them at Yerushalayim.  29And he spoke openly in the Name of Yeshua, and debated with the Yehudim who understood Greek; but they wanted to kill him.  30And when the brethren knew it, they brought him by night to Keysarya, and from there they sent him to Tarsus.  31Then the assembly throughout Y’hudah and the Galil and Shomron had shalom, and strengthened itself and developed obedience and reverence to Elohim, and by the consolation of The Ru’akh HaKodesh it increased in numbers.

32And it came to pass while Shimon Kefa traveled to various cities, he came down also to the K’doshim who dwelt at the city of Lud.  33And there he found a man named Anyah, who had been paralyzed and had lain in bed eight years.  34And Shimon said to him, “Anyah, Yeshua HaMashi’akh heals you. Arise, and make your bed.” And he arose immediately.  35And all who dwelt at Lud and in Saron saw him, and turned to Elohim.

36Now there was in the city of Yafoh a talmidah called Tabita, which means gazelle; she was rich in good works and in charitable acts.  37And it came to pass in those days that she fell sick, and died; they bathed her body and laid it in an upper room.  38And the Talmidim heard that Shimon Kefa was in the city of Lud, which is beside Yafoh; they sent to him two men, desiring him to come to them without delay.  39Then Shimon arose and went with them. And when he had arrived, they took him to the upper room where all the widows were gathered around him weeping, and they showed him shirts and cloaks which Tabita had given them when she was alive.  40But Shimon Kefa put all the people out and knelt down and prayed; then he turned to the body and said, “Tabita, arise.” And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Shimon Kefa, she sat up.  41And he gave her his hand and lifted her up; then he called the K’doshim and widows and presented her to them alive.  42And this was known throughout the city, and many trusted in Adoneinu.  43And he remained in Yafoh many days, staying at the house of Shimon the tanner.

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