Romim 11 – אגרת שאול אל הרומים יא


1I say, then, has Elohim rejected His people? What profanity! For I also am a Yisra’eli, a descendant of Avraham, of the tribe of Binyamin.  2Elohim has not rejected His people whom He foreknew. Do you not know what the scripture says of Eli-Yahu? How he complained to Elohim against Yisra’el, saying, 3“Adonai, they have killed your Nevi’im and demolished your Mizbe’khot; and I am left alone, and they seek my life.”  4And it was said to him in a vision, “Behold, I have reserved for myself seven thousand men who have not fallen on their knees to worship Ba’al.”  5Even so, at the present time, a remnant is preserved, elected by compassion.  6And if by compassion, then it is not by works; otherwise compassion is no longer compassion. But if by works, then it is not by compassion; otherwise work is no longer work.  7What, then? Yisra’el has not obtained what it sought; but the elected ones have obtained it, and the rest were dulled in their minds.  8As it is written, “Elohim has given them a spirit of sleep, eyes that cannot see, and ears that cannot hear, to this very day.”  9And David said “Let their table become a snare before them, and let their reward be a stumbling block .  10Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, and let their backs be bowed down always.”  11I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? What profanity! But rather, by their stumbling life has come to the Goyim, in order to awaken jealousy.  12Now if their stumbling has resulted in riches to the world, and their condemnation in riches to the Goyim, how much more is their restoration?  13It is to you Goyim that I speak, inasmuch as I am the Shali’akh to the Goyim, and perhaps magnify my ministry; 14but if I am able to make those who are my flesh jealous, I may thus save some of them.  15And if their rejection has resulted in reconciliation of the world, how much more will their restoration be? Indeed, it will be life from the dead!  16For if the first fruit is consecrated, the rest of the lump is also consecrated; and if the root is consecrated, so are the branches.  17And if some of the branches were cut off, and you, who are a branch of a wild olive tree, have been grafted in their place, and you have become a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree, 18do not boast over the branches. For if you boast, it is not you who sustains the root, but the root sustains you.  19Perhaps you may say “the branches were cut off that I might be grafted in their place.”  20Well, they were cut off because of their lack of absolute trust, but you exist by absolute trust. Be not high-minded, but fear!  21For if Elohim did not spare the natural branches, beware, or He will not spare you!  22Consider therefore the goodness and severity of Elohim: on those who fell, severity; but on you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness; otherwise you also will be cut off!  23And even they, if they do not remain in their lack of absolute trust, will be grafted in; for Elohim is able to graft them in again.  24For if you who have been cut from the wild olive tree, which is natural to you, and grafted contrary to your nature into a good olive tree, how much more fruitful would they be, if they were grafted into their own natural olive tree?  25I am desirous, my brethren, that you should know this sod, so that you may not be wise in your own conceits; for ignorance in heart has to some degree befallen Yisra’el, until the fullness of the Goyim shall come.  26And then all Yisra’el shall be saved; as it is written, “A Go’el shall come out of Tzion, and He shall turn away iniquity from Ya’akov, 27and then they shall have the same Brit from me, when I have forgiven their sins.”  28Now according to HaB’sorah, they are enemies for your sake. But according to election, they are beloved for the patriarchs’ sakes.  29For Elohim does not withdraw His gift and His call.  30Just as you were formerly disobedient to Elohim and have now obtained mercy because of their disobedience, 31likewise, they are also disobedient now to the mercy which is upon you, that there may be mercy upon them also.  32For Elohim has included all men in disobedience, that He might have mercy on every man.

33O the depth of the riches, the wisdom, and the knowledge of Elohim! For no man has searched out His judgments, and His ways are inscrutable.  34For who has known the mind of  יהוה , or who has been His counsellor?   35Or  who has  first  given  to  Him and then received from Him?  36For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory and blessing forever and ever. Amein.

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