Tesalonikim Bet 2 – איגרת שאול השניה אל התסלוניקים ב


1Now we beseech you, my brethren, concerning the coming of Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh and concerning our gathering together with Him, 2that you let not your minds be hastily excited or troubled, neither by word nor by a spirit nor by a letter supposedly from us, stating that Yom Adoneinu is at hand.

3Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come unless it is preceded by a departure. And then the man of sin will be revealed as Ben Ha’Abadon, 4who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called “god,” or that is worshiped; so that even in the Heikhal of Elohim, he sits as Elohim, and shows himself as though he were Elohim.  5Do you not remember that when I was with you I told you these things?  6And now you know what has prevented him from being revealed in his time.  7For the mystery of iniquity is already at work, until that which now hinders is taken out of the midst of them.  8Then shall the Wicked One be revealed, that one whom Adoneinu Yeshua shall consume with the breath of His mouth, and shall destroy with the revelation of His coming, 9even he whose coming is due to the working of HaSatan, with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10and with all deceitfulness of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they received not the love of HaEmet, that they might be saved thereby.  11For this reason Elohim shall send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie, 12that all who did not believe in HaEmet, but preferred unrighteousness, might be condemned.

13But we are bound to give thanks always to Elohim for you, my brethren, beloved of Adoneinu, because Elohim has from the beginning chosen you to life, through the k’dushah of HaRu’akh and through a true absolute trust; 14and it is to these things that Elohim called you by our declaration, to be the glory of Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh.  15Henceforth, my brethren, stand firmly established and be strong in The Mitzvot,  which you have been taught, either in HaDavar or in our letters.  16Now Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh Himself, and Elohim, even Avinu, who has loved us and has given us everlasting consolation and good hope through His compassion, 17comfort your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and work.

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