Yokhanan 11 – יוחנן יא


1Now there was a man who was sick, Lazar of the town of Beit Anya, the brother of Miryam and Marta.  2This is the Miryam who anointed the feet of Yeshua with perfume and wiped them with her hair. The Lazar who was sick was her brother.  3His two sisters therefore sent to Yeshua, saying, “Adoneinu, behold, the one whom you love is sick.”  4Yeshua said, “This is not a sickness of death, but for the sake of the glory of Elohim, that Ben HaElohim may be glorified on his account.”  5Now Yeshua loved Marta and Miryam and Lazar.  6When He heard he was sick, He remained two days in the place where He was.  7After that, He said to His Talmidim, “Come, let us go again to Y’hudah.”  8His Talmidim said to Him, “Rabbi, not long ago the Y’hudim wanted to stone you, and yet are you going there again?”  9Yeshua said to them, “Are there not twelve hours in the day? If a man walks by daytime, he will not stumble, because he sees the light of this world.  10But if a man travels at nighttime, he will stumble, because there is no light in it.”  11Yeshua said these things, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Lazar is asleep, but I am going to awaken him.”  12His Talmidim said to Him, “Adoneinu, if he is sleeping, he will get well.”  13But Yeshua spoke of his death, and they thought that what He said was sleepiness.  14Then Yeshua said to them plainly, “Lazar is dead; 15and I am glad I was not there, for your sakes, so that you may believe; but let us walk there.”   16Then  T’oma,  who is called the Twin,  said to his fellow Talmidim,  “Let us also go and die with him.”  

17So Yeshua came to Beit Anya, and He found that Lazar had been four days in the tomb.  18Now Beit Anya was towards Yerushalayim, a distance of about two miles.  19And many Yehudim kept coming to Marta and Miryam to comfort their hearts concerning their brother.  20When Marta heard that Yeshua had come, she went out to meet Him; but Miryam sat in the house.  21Then Marta said to Yeshua, “My Adon, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.  22But even now I know that whatever you ask of Elohim, He will give you.”  23Yeshua said to her, “Your brother will rise up.”  24Marta said to him, “I know he will rise up in the resurrection at the last day.”  25Yeshua said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, even though he dies, he shall live.  26And whoever is alive and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?”  27She said to him, “Yes, My Adon; I do believe that you are the Mashi’akh, Ben HaElohim, who is to come to the world.”  28And when she had said these things, she went away and called her sister Miryam secretly and said to her, “Our Rabbi has come, and He is calling for you.”  29When Miryam heard it, she rose up quickly and came to Him.  30Yeshua had not yet come into the town, but He was still at the same place where Marta met Him.  31The Yehudim also who were with her in the house, comforting her, when they saw Miryam rise up quickly and go out, they followed her, for they thought she was going to the tomb to weep.  32When Miryam came where Yeshua was and saw Him, she threw herself at His feet and said to Him, “My Adon, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”  

33When Yeshua saw her weeping and the Yehudim who had come with her weeping, He was moved in His spirit and was greatly disturbed.  34And He said, “Where have you laid him?” They said to him, “Adoneinu, come and see.”  35And Yeshua was in tears.  36The Yehudim then said, “See how much He loved him!”  37Some of them said, “Could not this man, who opened the eyes of that blind man, have also kept this man from dying?”  38As Yeshua was disturbed in Himself because of them, and He came to the tomb. That tomb was a cave, and a stone was placed at the entrance.  39Yeshua said, “Take away this stone.” Marta, the sister of the dead man, said to Him, “My Adon, already his body stinks, for he has been dead four days.”  40Yeshua said to her, “Did not I say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of Elohim?”  41So they took away the stone. And Yeshua lifted His eyes upwards and said, “O Abba, I thank You, for You have heard me, 42and I know that You always hear me; but I say these things just because of this people who stand around, so that they may believe that You have sent me.”  43And when He had said this, He cried with a loud voice, “Lazar, come out!”  44And the dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with burial clothes, and his face bound with a burial cloth. Yeshua said to them, “Loose him and let him go.”

45Many of the Yehudim who had come to Miryam, when they saw what Yeshua had done, trusted in Him.  46And some of them went to the P’rushim and told them everything Yeshua had done.  47So the chief Kohanim and the P’rushim gathered together and said, “What shall we do? For this man does many miracles.  48If we allow Him to continue like this, all men will trust in Him, and the Romans will come and take over both our country and our people.”  49But one of them, called Kayafah, who was The Kohen HaGadol for that year, said to them, “You know nothing, 50nor are you reasoning that it is much better for us that one man should die instead of the people, and not all the people perish.”  51He did not say this of himself; but because he was The Kohen HaGadol for that year, he prophesied that Yeshua had to die for the sake of the people; 52and not only for the sake of the people, but also to gather together the children of Elohim who are scattered abroad.  53And from that very day, they decided to kill him.  54Yeshua therefore did not walk openly among the Yehudim, but went away there to a place which is close to the wilderness, in the province of Efrayim; and he remained there with His Talmidim.  55Now the Pesakh of the Yehudim was at hand;  and  many  went up from the towns to Yerushalayim, before the Khag, to purify themselves.  56And they were looking for Yeshua, and at the Heikhal they kept saying to one another, “What do you think, will He not come to the Khag?”  57But the chief Kohanim and the P’rushim had already commanded that if any man should know where He was, he should let them know, so that they might seize Him.

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