Suggested Reading Sequence

The books of the Bible are not set in chronological order. The Torah is, being the first five books, Genesis through Deuteronomy. But, the other books are somewhat rearranged in categories, and not sequentially.

Below is a chart showing roughly their sequence, and reading them in that order can straighten up some things for the confused reader who has perhaps never read all the scriptures, or, has done so sequentially, but has not made sense of ‘when’ things happened, and their congruencies across various books in different sections of the Tanakh [Torah, Nevi’im, and K’tuvim, or “Law, Prophets, and Writings”, ie: Old Testament]. We are building a similar chart for the “New Testament” books as well, but the order in our T.O.C. comes close to doing that.

The chart reads RIGHT TO LEFT, < < < < < < , the ‘biblical’ direction of information flow.

Begin, therefore, by reading B’reshit [Genesis] and Iyov [Job], then Shemot [Exodus] and VaYikra [Leviticus], then BaMidbar [Numbers] and D’varim [Deuteronomy], etc. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at .