Update on “HaDavar, D’var יהוה “

01/21/20 Hu Ba! It is FINALLY here! I HOPE you get your copy, and are blessed and increased by reading His Word from these sources, and from a better, Messianic Jewish perspective, glorifying His Name and not hiding/blotting it out. Click the link “HaDavar D’var יהוה ”  below…. amazon has it, they just haven’t postedContinue reading “Update on “HaDavar, D’var יהוה “”

HaDavar is coming! HaDavar is coming!

Boy, do I wish that were a prophecy about Yeshua; and it is, but that is not the purpose of the declaration, in this context… This is the requested update concerning the timing of the publication of “HaDavar יהוה “, the new edition of the sacred Jewish Scriptures of the Tanakh and Brit Khadashah. TheContinue reading “HaDavar is coming! HaDavar is coming!”

Kill The Fatted Calf!

That sounds like a good idea!  But today, many who are sanctimonious think eating meat is bad, and say that anyone who does it is ‘weak’, or worse, ‘inhumane.’ To the first accusation: it is actually the vegetarian/vegan that scriptures call ‘weak.’ Would Yeshua use the epithet above, “Kill the fatted calf,” in order toContinue reading “Kill The Fatted Calf!”

Today’s Big Issue

וְאֶת זָכָר לֹא תִשְׁכַּב, מִשְׁכְּבֵי אִשָּׁה: תּוֹעֵבָה, הוא Above is the verse that relates to one of the most difficult and controversial topics about which people opine very near daily in every forum. I have refrained from doing so, so as not to lend to the cacophony, but have been compelled, seemingly from within and/orContinue reading “Today’s Big Issue”